How To Grow Passion Fruit – The Passion Flower

The plant of passion fruit , also called fruit or passion flower can be purely decorative or medicinal for its great nutritional properties. It is composed mainly of water, but it also contains a huge amount of carbohydrates, so it provides a high caloric level. Learn how to grow it in your garden.

Steps to follow

Place the passion plant a little away from other plants, as its roots tend to spread quite a bit throughout the land.

Visit not very sunny containing a soil nutrients for plants .

You can use the passionflower to decorate walls , bars, terraces or gazebos, since the passion fruit is a vine that can reach up to 9 meters in height.

Keep the soil well moist, I gift often but avoid waterlogging.

During the hottest months, spray the plant with water every ten days so it doesn’t dry out.

Keep in mind that you can use the flower to decorate and that its fruits ripen in late summer and early fall. Remember that its fruit is edible but not abused, since its intake can cause dizziness, toxic effects or hallucinations.

How to grow passion fruit - The passion flower - Steps to follow

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