The plant that will help you scare off garden cats

If you want the cats that haunt your garden to stop doing it, today we bring you a great solution. You just have to use a plant! Have you seen how simple?

It may seem insensitive to you that the fact of throwing cats out of the garden, but you have to bear in mind that there are many people who do not like animals and, in addition, it is often very annoying to have pets that are not yours in your outdoor spaces, especially if they leave memories (you understand us…) or make real destruction: broken flowerpots, urine on the plants … So, take note of the plant that can help you scare off the felines below.

Rue, a plant that no one likes

Unlike catnip, which is like a drug for cats, the plant that we are going to talk about today manages to drive away the cats from the garden . It is the rue, a plant that is not usually liked by any animal, including humans, since it gives off a strong smell.

The plant that will help you drive away cats from the garden - Rue, a plant that no one likes

A plant that does not require care

The good thing about this species is that it is a species that does not require care and, in addition, it adapts perfectly to different terrains. From EcologiaVerde we recommend that once it has grown, you spread a little of the plant in the parts of your house where you do not want cats to go.

Other repellants

If this plant does not work for you, you can always resort to other remedies, such as plastic tips in the ground; scattered citrus peels or coffee grounds, water detectors, or pepper.

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