Caring for the air carnation

The so-called air carnation is an epiphytic plant that is officially called Tillandsia Aeranthos that has its origin in South America but can be grown anywhere in the world if the right conditions are given. The stem can reach 60 centimeters in height and is covered with many leaves that are arranged in several rows.

The leaves have small grayish scales, they are elongated, triangular in shape, and hug the stem, which leaves a very beautiful set. The flowers are also small and can be purple or dark blue in color, and bloom during the summer. We will show what is the care of the carnation of the air.

Caring for the most important air carnation

  • Location: they can be both indoors and outdoors. In the second case, if the weather is hot and humid, it will develop perfectly and it will be beautiful.
  • Lighting: it needs to be in a very bright area, to be preferable in full sun as this will reach its maximum splendor.
  • Temperature: the only requirement it has in this sense is that it does not tolerate frost, so you must be very careful with low temperatures. If you have it outside and it is cold at night, put it inside so it does not suffer.
  • Humidity: they need to receive environmental humidity, and when it is very hot it is convenient to spray the leaves once a week.
  • Pests and diseases: it is a very resistant plant to both one thing and the other, so if you do not mislead you will not have problems in this regard.
  • Multiplication: when you want to do it, it must be during the spring and from cuttings, separating the young branches.
Air carnation care - The most important air carnation care

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