The best flowers for shady gardens

Not all gardens can enjoy a lot of sun, there are even some that cannot have sun all day due to the characteristics of the house or the area where it is located, but this does not have to be a reason to have the neglected garden nor to make it ugly. That a garden does not have the possibility of having sun is no excuse for not having beautiful plants.

In fact, there are very beautiful plants that can grow and live beautifully in a garden where the sun shines in its absence. So if you have a garden in which there is only shade with no possibility of sun, don’t worry because you can have a nice garden thanks to the plants that I am going to mention to you today. Do not lose detail!

The Japanese rose

The Japanese rose is a plant with which you will make your garden shine thanks to the flowers it will offer you when the good spring temperatures arrive. It is also possible that it blooms in summer but it is not so common. This beautiful plant does not need a flower for its flowers to grow but it will be necessary for the ground where they are planted to enjoy humidity .

Best Flowers for Shady Gardens - The Japanese Rose

Climbing hydrangeas

This plant grows best when it is in the sun but also does it without problems if it is in the shade so it is also a great plant for shady gardens . In addition, its white flowers will beautify your entire garden.

Best Flowers for Shady Gardens - Climbing Hydrangeas

Lily of the valley

The lily of the valley is a flower that blooms as soon as spring arrives and in addition to having a spectacular beauty, they will offer your garden a wonderful aroma . These plants will need a moist and always well-drained soil.

Best Flowers for Shady Gardens - Lily of the Valley


Camellias are plants that grow in bushes and that bloom in winter, giving you very beautiful flowers that can be guaranteed to give color to the cold winter. It is common for them to start blooming in late December and have beautiful flowers growing non-stop for the next three months. So that they are always beautiful, I advise you that the soil is acidic, is always humid and well drained.

Which of these plants do you like best for your shady garden? Would you dare to plant them all or would you prefer to decorate your garden with just one of these plants? I have selected the ones that I like the most for their beautiful flowers … so don’t hesitate to add color to your garden!

Best Flowers for Shady Gardens - Camellias

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