More plants to have a home with Feng Shui

Likewise, some of the names that I show you below may seem strange to you or that you have never heard them before or perhaps you have not even seen them, but if this is your case, write down the name and go to your nearest plant store and you will see how They will guide you quickly so that you can get to know her a little better. Let’s see what you think of these plants to have a home with Feng Shui!

Dracaena Deremensis

I list it the first because I love it, it is the one you have as the cover photo and it has something very positive and that is that it grows in low light environments without problems. In addition, being a plant that grows upwards, this makes the positive chi energy increase in the place where it is placed. What are you already thinking about a place to put it? In the hall it would be an excellent idea.

Peace lily

It is one of the most beautiful indoor plants that you can find with these characteristics and it is also very easy to care for. As if that were not enough, it is beautiful to look at, it transmits peace, harmony and purifies the toxins that may be in the air you breathe.

This plant is usually used to decorate the bathroom but I see it also perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. Where would you put it?

More plants to have a home with Feng Shui - Peace Lily

Common ivy

I am sure that you do know this plant and that you know very well how it is and the characteristics it has. It is a very resistant plant that you can plant wherever you want, it also grows very fast and will create a great Feng Shui environment . The only thing you need to know is that it needs pleasant temperatures in order to grow healthy and strong.

Ficus ali

This plant is usually presented in large pots and like the Dracaena Deremensis it grows upwards and also transmits good Feng Shui energy. This plant is advantageous since, in addition to being resistant, it is easy to maintain and will also maintain clean air.

Here I have left you another selection of four plants that I hope you like as much as I do and that you can enjoy in your home so that good energies flow in your home.

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