Month: July 2021

Plants with thorns

The spikes and thorns, those characteristics that make some plants look so beautiful, and that have cost so many troubles. Who has not ever been pricked by the thorn of a rose bush or the skewer of a cactus? There is a wide variety of spiked plants and they all have them for good reason. If you […]

Indoor and outdoor anti-fly plants

When temperatures rise, flies, mosquitoes, and all kinds of insects make gardens and our homes disputed territory. However, in this war, we have a natural and ecological ally that we can always trust: plants that repel flies. Having this type of plant in our gardens and houses will allow us to keep flies and insects away […]

Why do roses have thorns?

The rose bush is the ornamental plant par excellence and has been this way for many years. In fact, the origins of cultivated roses are said to date back to gardening in ancient Imperial China, and in Hindu and Greek mythology they were associated with the goddess of love and beauty. It was also highly revered in […]

Why Do Fruits Fall Off of Trees?

If you have fruit trees in your garden, it is very likely that you like to see how the fruits appear and how later, once they are ripe and in good condition, you can eat them together with your family. The truth is that after seeing your tree in flower, we like to see how its fruits begin […]

Plants harmful to health

Gardens are generally safe and interesting places, we all like to be in the garden to enjoy the good weather. It is a great place for adults and children, but you have to be careful because there may be plants that are harmful to your health. Especially you have to be careful with children because they do not […]

Uses of Trees

I keep talking to you about trees and the many things you can get out of them, as well as giving you some tips for their care. Today I would like to talk to you about the utilities of trees since they have multiple benefits depending on the type of tree you plant and the species that it […]

Interesting things about sunflowers

The sunflowers are the classic yellow flowers that we all love to see on the field when there are thousands together facing the sun. They are beautiful flowers that have filled paintings, works of art, photographs, textiles, and the same flowers in the decorations of many homes. But sunflowers hide behind them many things that you possibly did not know. Do […]

Can music affect plants?

Although many times people forget that plants are living beings, it is something important that as a society that we live in our home called earth and that thanks to nature we survive, that we do not forget that plants and trees are part of us and as such we must treat them with respect […]

Fun facts about tulips

As you may already know, tulips are one of the most popular flowers in the world. In fact, they are only surpassed in popularity by roses and chrysanthemums. And it’s no wonder, as they come in a wide range of vibrant colors including red, yellow, orange, purple, pink, and many more. Although the Netherlands has dominated the […]

Glow-in-the-dark plants

Surely when you were younger you liked those stickers that were put on the bedroom wall, usually in the shapes of stars and constellations that when the light in the room was turned off they glowed in the dark. But make no mistake, today we still like things that glow in the dark, they seem different […]

Most common diseases in trees

Trees can suffer from pests and diseases, and they are also many and we must pay attention to them so that all the specimens can be totally healthy at all times. It is also important to know which ones appear the most, since this way you can detect them in time and act immediately to save […]

The importance of spiders

Some people have a phobia of certain insects: cockroaches, moths, wasps, spiders … or all of them. However, all animals have a utility and we should learn to respect them. Among the above, spiders are of vital importance to the environment. We want to explain to you what is the importance of spiders in nature so that, in this way, […]

The importance of ants

Although ants usually produce rejection, they are insects that can give us lessons and some are very important. In total, about 12,580 species of these Hymenoptera have been recorded throughout the world. In other words, there is twice the variety of mammals, which represents about 15% of the mass of living terrestrial organisms on the planet. But what […]

The importance of bees

They don’t arouse much sympathy, but they are essential to our survival. Its sting and the possible sting is not an appetizing idea, precisely, but the reality is that its buzz should sound like heavenly music, and in this post, we explain why this is the case. In general, insects play a crucial role in natural ecosystems, […]

A lamp that works with energy generated by plants

Researchers from the universities of Yansei and Stanford carried out an experiment in which, from the photosynthesis process carried out by plants, electrical energy was created. Based on this idea, the industrial designer Mike Thompson has devised a lamp that is powered by the energy generated by algae enclosed in a small glass chamber that the lamp itself has. The energy generated by the […]

Amazing flowers with animal shapes

Orchids are there to give and take, but above all to admire. Of the 35 thousand species of 750 different genera of this plant, there are some of them that are surprising due to their similarity to animals such as primates or birds. But why does this happen? Chance plays an important role on many occasions, while on others […]

The Kiri tree, a great ally of the planet

It is an ornamental tree, large and leafy, really striking, originally from China and baptized with the name of Kiri (paulownia tomentose or paulownia imperial), although it is also known as the Empress tree. But these characteristics are not the ones that have given it special relevance at the environmental level. So what is special about this tree family of paulowniaceae […]

5 surprising applications of growing microalgae

Microalgae open up a world of possibilities when it comes to obtaining sustainable and healthy renewable energies, raw materials, or active ingredients for a myriad of uses, such as food, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals. Produce biofuels Microalgae can produce biomass for the manufacture of different types of biofuel, such as biodiesel, ethanol, methane, or hydrogen. Its production usually begins with the selection […]

How a tree turns into paper

For the manufacturing of paper, the paper industry uses mainly wood, although a good part of the raw material comes from recycled cardboard and paper. Therefore, for its production, forests are initially required, a source of cellulose, the raw material from which paper is made. In fact, the role may be defined as a set of fibers of cellulose undergoing a complex process that first checks for […]

How many trees are there in the world? More than previously thought

After this new study, we must also talk about a new forest atlas and it answers the question of how many trees are there in the world. and fortunately, there are more trees than previously thought, a total of 1,327 million hectares. Thanks to new counting techniques that use technologies that allow the planet to be tracked from satellites The figure, re-estimated by a […]

30 rare tropical fruit names

The exotic fruits are increasingly sought after because we like to try new things, new, delicious and unique flavors. In some countries, you can find these foods from tropical countries such as Jamaica, Paraguay, or Indonesia. You may think you have already tried many of them, but in reality, there are countless fruits around the world and new varieties are constantly […]

What are the most poisonous plants in the world?

Plants have always been part of the human diet and have been used as natural and medicinal remedies, being the original basis of current medicine. All parts, such as leaves, stems, flowers, and roots, have been used and continue to be used. However, the intake of certain vegetables can pose a health risk, since there are some plants […]

The rarest plants in the world and their names

Despite the fact that when we think of plants the first thing that comes to mind is trees and herbs, the plant world is one of the richest that we can find in the biology of our planet. In fact, beyond the plants that we can consider as the most “normal”, there is a whole world […]

Is music good for plants?

This is one of the most widely heard tips about “tricks” to make plants grow faster and healthier and that is based, simply, on the fact that putting music to the plants would favor their growth and have positive effects on their development. . However, is music really good for plants? Does putting music near the pots make the plants […]

Difference between photosynthesis and respiration of plants

Photosynthesis and plant respiration are two processes that complement each other. Although they are sometimes confused, we are talking about two different reactions. One provides oxygen and is fed through a series of transformations. Respiration, as in the rest of living beings, is necessary, although, in plants, the way to obtain oxygen may seem somewhat complex. However, it is […]

Why do trees attract lightning?

One of the most spectacular natural phenomena that we can witness is storms and, within them, lightning and thunder are two of their most surprising manifestations. One of the precautions that should be taken whenever a storm is present is not to shelter under trees, since, as most people know, trees attract lightning. However, do you know why […]

What is the importance of sunlight for living beings?

The Sun is fundamental for life on our planet, both for plant and animal forms. The importance of the Sun is paramount, since it is the main energy source, providing light and heat so necessary for plants, animals, and, of course, for humans. Therefore, without its presence, life on our planet would be impossible as we know […]

Why do trees attract rain?

Although the role that trees play in generating rain is not clearly identified, more and more researchers are coming to the conclusion that the role they play in this process is important, both in the generation of clouds and in the evaporation and condensation phenomena, very important basic processes for the generation of rain. In […]

Why are flowers important in nature?

You will agree with us on the special beauty that flowers have. Their ephemeral nature, the large number of shapes and colors they have, and of course, their various scents. Flowers have always been taken as an important romantic symbol, but the truth is that their significance goes much further. We want to emphasize the great function that […]

Similarities and differences between plants and algae

We all know plants like pines, oaks, or beech. We all know seaweed such as sea lettuce, wakame or others used in Japanese cuisine. But do we really know what plants and algae are? Well, as we might well suppose, the answer is no. All the organisms mentioned above are evolutionarily related and belong to the same group, that […]

Why plants are green

A well-known fact is that plants are green, at least for the most part. The reason for this coloration is that of a long evolutionary history influenced by various environmental factors, such as light. If you wonder why the stem and leaves of plants are green or what is the pigment that gives the green color […]

Pollinating insects: what are they and their importance

Although it may sometimes seem that insects are of little importance as they are very small animals, some of them fulfill fundamental functions in the balance of ecosystems. In fact, some of the most important are those called pollinating insects, of which bees are undoubtedly the best known of all, although they are not the only […]

Where plants breathe and how they do it

As we know, plants are characterized by being autotrophic organisms, that is, they are capable of making their own food by obtaining energy and certain elements such as water and minerals. For this reason, both the richness of the soil, the presence of water, and a correct exposure to sunlight, are essential for the development of […]

What are the stomata of a plant?

Today we are going to know one of the most important organs of plants; tiny pores located in the epidermis known as stomata. The function of the stomata is fundamental for the plant since through them they manage to take in the CO2 found in the atmosphere. With this in mind, it is not surprising that stomata are […]

Types of plant tissues

In addition to animals, vascular plants are the only living beings that present tissues, which they have acquired independently during their evolutionary history, which is why both types of tissues, animals, and plants, present differences between them. despite their homology. We want to explain what they are, the general characteristics and types of existing plant tissues, in addition […]

What is chlorophyll and its types?

Virtually everyone has ever heard of a reference to chlorophyll when talking about plants. In fact, the use of the word is so widespread that we can even find chlorophyll-flavored gum on the market. However, do you know what exactly chlorophyll is and what is its function? Do you know where it is and how many types are […]

Why is water important for living things?

The importance of water for life can be analyzed from different areas and at different biological scales. From the relevance of the water cycle in the correct balance of ecosystems, as well as its value as a source of natural resources for human beings, the precious “blue gold” plays a really important role in the development of life […]

Difference between fruit and vegetable

We all know that a healthy and balanced diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables. However, when it comes to saying what exactly a fruit or a vegetable is, not everyone is so clear on it and both terms seem to be included, popularly and sometimes, in that large group of healthy plant foods of […]

Is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

It is one of the general botanical questions most often heard among people. It may seem obvious to many that tomatoes have much more in common with lettuce or cauliflower than with an apple or a banana, but is this really the case? Thus, there are those who firmly believe that it is a vegetable since we […]

Origin and evolution of plants: summary

The history of the evolution of plants is practically that of complex life on our planet. They were responsible for the enrichment of oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere and, therefore, for the large number of changes that occurred on Earth linked to this. If you want to learn more about the evolutionary history of plants, join […]

How plants communicate

We tend to think of plants as very simple living beings, incapable of things like feeling or communicating. However, that thought has long been out of date. Today it has been more than demonstrated that plants not only feel, but are capable of communicating, both with each other and with their environment. But what is plant communication? What language […]

How plants grow

In this article, we are going to answer a simple question related to plants that are very common: how exactly do they grow? Although the answer may seem really simple, there are several factors and processes linked to this topic that are worth knowing and understanding. Therefore, in this article, we want to teach you those […]

Photosynthesis: what is it, process and importance

Photosynthesis is a process that, although we have all heard it mentioned numerous times, not everyone knows in depth. And it is something that is worth spending a few minutes since it is one of the main responsible for making life on our planet as it is now. If you want to learn more about where […]

Are algae plants?

Algae are organisms that have proven and continue to be of vital importance on our planet. However, despite their great importance, they are also great unknown to the general public, which ends up relegating them to a position of “marine plants”. But are algae plants or not? We already anticipate that algae are not plants. They share some characteristics with […]

How long does a tree take to grow?

Trees are the most visual and imposing representatives of the plant kingdom. Its high tops shade the forests and are a source of shelter and food for countless species of all sizes. From a human point of view, these silent giants may appear to be immovable and eternal, but trees are constantly growing and some even develop much […]

Tropism: what it is, types, and examples

All living things are capable of responding to external stimuli. From a simple caress to the changes in temperatures caused by the lack of sunlight. In this case, the plants are no exception and although some perform movements that we are capable of directly appreciating, there are other slow movements but that implies a favorable development for […]

What are trees

You may have ever wondered what trees are exactly. For this reason, with this article, we want to solve a question that seems apparently simple, but that will help us better understand how our planet works. And it is that trees play a vital role in different ecosystems. Hence the following question that you usually ask yourself: What […]

Why are plants living beings

Plants are very different beings from us: the life cycle of plants works at a rate very different from ours, they cannot move by themselves and they do not share the characteristics of animals in general. For this reason and because we are animals, most of us find it much easier to empathize with an animal, even those […]

What are vegetables

We often use the word vegetable to refer both to all types of plants, and specifically to the vegetables, fruits, and vegetables that we grow and commonly use for our food. However, finding the proper definition of this word is not easy and requires talking about it in greater depth. If you want to learn more […]

What are bushes

The words bush, tree, or plant are commonly used erroneously in the colloquial sphere when we speak in a relaxed way between friends or family. However, a bush is much more than a small tree and it is important to know its exact definition and what really differentiates a bush from a tree. If you wonder […]

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