Planting bulbs in water

Do you like showy flowers that perfume your home? Then bulbs are your ideal plants! Now we are at the perfect time to plant the autumn bulbs, which will bloom in spring (anemones, hyacinths, lilies, daffodils, tulips …). Some of them even begin to bloom in winter, such as cyclamen, squilla, or Muscari.

When buying bulbs you must take into account that they do not have holes and are hard if you are going to grow them yourself. And if you buy them having sprouted, the best thing is that they have not flowered. You can plant them in a pot or garden, as long as the soil drains the water well so that it does not puddle and the bulbs rot. But in addition, there is the possibility of planting the bulbs in water. Do you want to know how?

How to plant bulbs in water

As we have mentioned, another option to plant bulbs, and also in a very decorative way, is through water, or what is the same, through hydroponic cultivation. To do this you will need a container that does not allow the bulb to submerge completely. For it to sprout well, less than half of the bulb must be submerged in water, and it should be changed every ten days to prevent fungi from growing and rotting the plant.

It is necessary to keep the containers in the dark for the first 40-50 days, at about 15-18 ºC. You can cover the top of the bulb or cover the entire container with a black plastic bag.

To last longer

In order for the bulbs to last as long as possible indoors, regardless of how they are grown, they should not be placed in drafts or near heating. The best thing is that they are near a window with good light without receiving direct sun.

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