4 plants to have a home with Feng Shui

To promote Feng Shui at home is to promote balance, harmony, and peace in a home, and, above all, it is to seek the inner peace that a Feng Shui home will provide us. If you want a home with these characteristics, you will have to have a more than important aspect: the plants, flowers, and fruits. Plants attract positive chi energy, for this reason, you should take care of them and place them properly in your home.

The plants will also make your stay more comfortable and last but not attract good luck. In this article, I intend to introduce you to four of the plants that will help you purify the air and enhance Feng Shui in your home.

Bamboo palm

The bamboo palm tree is the one that I like the most par excellence for the effect it creates in the environment, since it gives a very elegant touch, it is also one of the most common in homes that want to enhance Feng Shui. This beautiful plant grows indoors and helps to purify the air in an extraordinary way as if that were not enough it is very easy to maintain.

Ficus robusta

This plant is perfect if your home has places where there is little light and you want to decorate since it is able to survive with few solar rays and if it is also cold, nothing will happen either since this plant is very resistant.

4 plants to have a home with Feng Shui - Ficus robusta

Bamboo palm

You may still think that I am repeating the one above but not at all. Although it is similar in name, it is a very different plant from the previous one since the bamboo palm will eliminate toxic substances that exist in the air such as benzene.

In addition, its beauty will make your house look beautiful as if it were a tropical environment, it is also a resistant plant and easy to care for.


I have a special affection for this plant since I remember it at my mother’s house since I can remember, for this reason, they seem precious to me. It has always seemed to be a plant that looks great in any corner of the house where you want to place it and as if that were not enough, they purify the air.

But yes, I remember that they are not easy to take care of them either since they need more care than those mentioned above, but due to their beauty and color, they are worth the effort.

Which of these four plants do you prefer to enhance the Feng Shui of your home?

4 plants to have a home with Feng Shui - Fern

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