White mold in plant soil: why does it come out and how to remove it

It is very common to see a whitish layer of mold appear on the substrate of plants, especially when it comes to indoor potted plants and the substrate is a previously acquired mixture. And while it is normal to panic when you discover white mold in plant soil, it does not always mean something necessarily harmful: […]

Summer bulbs

When temperatures begin to rise, it is time to plant the bulbs that bloom in summer, a wide range of beautiful flowers that will give life and color to our gardens, terraces, and homes. If you want to learn how to plant summer bulbs, join us in this article, in which we will see 11 summer […]

Why do plant leaf tips dry out

Unfortunately, it is very common to find that some of our plants sometimes show areas or spots of dryness on their tips or edges. When this appears it means that the plant is stressed and needs something to be done about it, but you should not be overwhelmed: it is far from being an unsolvable problem. If […]

Plants that produce oxygen at night

There are many who, by a certain ignorance, believe that it is not good to have plants near the place where we rest, but this is not entirely true. There are indoor plants that give oxygen so it is possible to sleep with plants. The question that we want to answer today is: which plants give oxygen […]

How to reproduce hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are one of the most valued plants as ornamental plants, as their flower heads or inflorescences, with small but large flowers as a whole, are tremendously decorative and showy. Since these are plants with a great diversity of types and varieties, it is very common to want to reproduce a specific plant that we have or […]

Easy-care outdoor plants

Unfortunately, interest in something and the ability to do it do not always go hand in hand. In fact, the most common thing in any hobby is to start out being a disaster or simply knowing so little that it is normal to feel lost, but little by little you can improve. The downside of gardening is […]

Germinate pepper seeds: how to do it and care

Peppers are one of those plants with which, in addition to enjoying their easy cultivation, we can enrich our dishes and menus thanks to much tastier fruits than those we can get in any large surface area. You do not need a large plot or a garden, with a good size pot you can grow […]

Rolled leaves on plants: why and what to do

When it comes to growing plants, the most important thing is always to learn to recognize their state. Since plants use very different forms of communication than animals, recognizing their signals is laborious work, patience and trial, and, unfortunately, error. One of the symptoms that something is not right with your plants is that you find twisted or curled leaves on […]

Germinate tomato seeds: how to do it and care

We all like to enjoy the taste of fresh and juicy tomatoes. Nothing tastes better than a vegetable grown by ourselves, so it is always convenient to take advantage of the garden, orchard, or even a good pot to be able to grow your own fruits and vegetables. So, if you wonder how to sow tomato […]

Star jasmine: care

Star jasmine is a spectacular climbing shrub highly appreciated by gardening enthusiasts thanks to its unique ability to offer up to three different aspects per year, giving the possibility of adapting the garden to very different environments depending on the season. If you want to learn how to take care of star jasmine so that […]

Where to place a bonsai according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy originating in China that may apply to the home to improve the influences and energies that the objects in our environment exert on us. Among the enormous spectrum of variants that Feng Shui contemplates, there is one in particular that even among experts is complex to classify: bonsai. Is having […]

Types of Rosemary

Rosemary, with the scientific name Rosmarinus officinalis , is a very popular aromatic plant for its large number of beneficial properties and pleasant smell. However, although we all know this plant or have ever heard of it, few know that there are a large number of varieties of rosemary. If you want to learn more about the different types […]

Types of spring bulbs

With the arrival of spring, it is time to not waste time and plant all those spring flower bulbs that will soon brighten up gardens and homes as soon as they begin to sprout in summer. Some examples are lilies, water lilies, gladioli, etc. If you want to learn the names of these plants and some […]

How to make ecological gardens, back to nature

More and more people prefer ecological gardens to traditional ones, due to their greater consideration for the environment and their better results. This type of garden stays true to natural processes, shows high regard for sustainability environmental, and rejects the use of chemicals, always minimizing the maximum expenditure of energy. Organic vegetables without leaving home If the garden is spacious, a very popular alternative idea with great benefits […]

An original garden with recycled objects

Recycling is not only an eco-friendly gesture and a way to save good money at home. When it comes to inventing new uses for very different objects, creative ideas can be a real genius, useful, and decorative or simply beautify and add a note of color and originality to our balcony, terrace, or garden. In fact, gardens are spaces that invite you […]

Plants to brighten up your garden in spring

The spring is here and is undoubtedly the best time to enjoy a magnificent terrace or garden with beautiful plants and flowers of all kinds that help liven. If you want to give color and joy to your whole house, don’t lose any detail and take good note of the best plants to put in your garden and be able to enjoy a show […]

Shrubs to plant in the fall

Given the end of the summer season, our garden requires that we return to work and get down to work with some of the necessary tasks in this space for the fall. Of course, compost, fertilization, pruning, and changes in the amount of irrigation are elements to take into account, but you should not get lost with this and lose the […]

The best plants for the office

Indoor plants are excellent decorative elements for the home, since, in addition to being very beautiful, they constitute natural air purifiers that allow renewing the atmosphere of the rooms, in the same way, that they create a feeling of relaxation and lightness. But do not think that the plants will only serve to decorate your house. And there is nothing […]

Tips for caring for a rose bush

The rose bush is one of the most popular and beloved plants in people’s homes thanks to its wonderful colors and the life it brings to the house as a whole. There is nothing better than having a large rose bush in the garden and enjoying its great fragrance and diversity of colors. If you decide to grow […]

Ferns are plants without flowers or seeds

Ferns are lively plants, they come from somewhat humid tropical and equatorial areas, but also from some regions with a Mediterranean climate. For a good development, they must be protected from sunlight but the shade is not convenient for them either. They are vegetables that are characterized by having narrow leaves, an underground stem, and a curious […]

Everything you need to know about lucky bamboo

The bamboo lucky or lucky bamboo is a plant of African origin that helps provide positive energy to the entire house and regularly attracts fortune and good luck. In recent years it has become very fashionable since it is a perfect plant to decorate different interiors and get a very interesting Feng Shui touch. Light Although most people think […]

Aspidistra, one of the best indoor plants

Although the name may not sound much at first, the aspidistra is the plant of innermost commonly used in our country, thanks in part to its large green leaves that grow well even if there is little light and low humidity. It is a very easy plant to grow and does not require much attention to maintain, so it is perfect if you […]

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