Month: August 2021

Pistachio cultivation

Today we are going to talk about the planting of a highly demanded and valued dried fruit. It is about the cultivation of pistachio . One needs some unique care and you have to know very well how to sow to get profitability from this crop. It cannot be grown anywhere in the world since they need some special requirements. […]

Water pear

One of the seasonal fruits that we like the most is, without a doubt , water pears. However, today in greengrocers and supermarkets many varieties have been appearing with the tagline ‘water pears’ without actually being considered as such. Do you know which one is the real one? Do you want to know more about water pears and […]

Paspalum notatum

We are going to talk about a species native to the natural fields of Uruguay and that serves as a recovery species for degraded natural fields. It is the Paspalum notatum . It is also used as a very useful grass against places with a high level of drought and that requires little maintenance. It belongs to the group of […]

Yellow watermelon

There is no doubt that, in greengrocers, from time to time we can find some fruits and vegetables that catch our attention because they are out of the norm. And not because they are new and we have never seen them; but because they can give a twist to those we know. That is what happens with the […]

Plum (Prunus domestica)

The plum is a fruit tree that, although it is not one of the fastest-growing, is one that produces a greater number of fruits, called plums, which have an exquisite flavor. But it must also be said that it is a very decorative tree. When it blooms in spring, the white of its flowers forms a nice […]

Varieties of apples

The apple is one of the most consumed fruits. Thanks to all its benefits, there are many who have it as a “predilection” when consuming a fruit. However, not many know the varieties of apples that are beyond what you can see in supermarkets or greengrocers. Therefore, today we are going to discuss with you how many there are, […]

Ostrinia nubilalis

When you have crops, you know that pests are one of the most serious problems you face. If among them you dedicate yourself to cereal, especially corn, there is an enemy number one, the so-called Ostrinia nubilalis . But what is this bug that can kill your crops? Next we will talk about Ostrinia nubilalis , its characteristics, what it causes […]

How and when to sow zucchini

 cultivated in home gardens is zucchini. Sowing zucchini can be complicated if you do not know the guidelines to do it correctly. These are annual herbaceous plants that belong to the Cucurbitaceae family like the potato. It is not yet well known whether its origin is from India or America. In this article, we are going to teach […]

Baetica atropa

The kingdom of plants is very wide and sometimes we find that we do not know much about plants that are very common in our country. Such is the case of the Atropa baetica , known as the belladonna of Andalusia. But what is Atropa baetica ? What characteristics does it have? Where does it grow? Does it have any uses? If you are wondering […]

How to care for pomegranate in a pot?

The pomegranate is a shrub that tolerates pruning very, very well, but it is also a relatively small plant , which means that it can always be grown in a pot. As if that were not enough, there is a variety, the Punica granatum »Nana» , which is even more interesting since it does not exceed two meters in […]

How to make an olive bonsai

Bonsai are one of the most appreciated and attractive plants out there. Being able to have a tree inside the house, or on the terrace, has always caught our attention. If what you are looking for is to make one from scratch, then we are going to talk you about how to make an olive bonsai easily, with a […]

How and when to prune jasmine

If you have a garden and you want to take good care of it, you usually have to do some pruning and maintenance. Jasmine is a very critical plant in all gardens and belongs to the group of the most popular climbing and shrub plants for decoration. It is one of the most used plants to decorate […]

Planting lentils

Surely, when you were little or little, in your school you planted lentils. Usually planting lentils used to be done a few weeks before Mother’s Day, since it was the gift that was offered to them for their celebration. But it does not mean that it is something exclusive to teachers. You can plant lentils yourself and keep […]

How to plant potted tomatoes

One of the most consumed foods in our diet is most likely tomatoes, so we are going to explain how to plant tomatoes in pots. It can be consumed both raw and cooked. Also, it is easy to combine in many different dishes, such as sauces, salads, baked, etc. The tomato has many beneficial properties for our health, since […]

What is soil and why is it important to plants?

The soil is the environment in which the roots of plants develop, and therefore their characteristics and properties will largely depend on their health. And it is that on the planet we live there are many types of soil, some are spongy and very rich in nutrients, others are composed of pores or coarse grains that […]

Mandarin Tree Care

Would you like a tangerine? They have an exquisite flavor, a little less intense than that of oranges, and are also easy to peel without using a knife. However, one bought in a supermarket does not taste the same as one that has been grown at home, even if they have had the same care. And speaking […]

How do plants reproduce

For humans and science, it has been important to know how plants reproduce. And we know different types of reproduction depending on the type of plant we are studying, its origin, and its characteristics. Not all plants have a unique type of reproduction, but evolution has divided certain types of ways to expand and survive. Therefore, we are […]

When to fertilize the garden

For most people, it is not a mystery that the plants have to be fertilized. What’s more, those who already have a garden or certain plants, surely have fertilizer products to care for them. However, there are still certain questions that many people ask themselves: When to fertilize the garden? How often? In this article, we will solve these […]

Almond tree diseases

The almond tree is one of the trees that is most seen in Spain, especially in the Mediterranean area. When it blooms, which it usually does in February, although there are some earlier ones that already have flowers in November-December, the show is beautiful, with white flowers, some with a crimson touch, that heralds the arrival […]

Medlar (Eriobotrya japonica)

The medlar is a fruit tree that, although it is native to East Asia, has managed to adapt very well to the temperate climate of Europe and even to the mild temperatures of some parts of America. In addition, it is a plant that provides shade throughout the year, as it has large leaves that remain on […]

Potted mandarin

When you think of a fruit tree, the most normal thing is that the first thing that comes to mind is that you need a garden to plant it, or a lot of space to have it. But the truth is that the vast majority of them can be planted in a pot. Such is the case […]

Capillarity irrigation

In the field of gardening and agriculture, using the capillarity of water as a property is quite interesting. It is a property that has water that allows it to be distributed in spaces of a very small size and end in all places. If done well, a capillarity irrigation system can be used in both gardening and agriculture to be […]

Sow arugula

Arugula is an annual herb belonging to the Brasicaceae family, also called Crucifers. The scientific name of this vegetable is Eruca vesicaria Cavanilles,  but it is also known as eruga, caterpillar, arugula, rocket or jamarguillo. Despite being native to western Asia and southern Europe, this plant has become world famous for its many culinary uses. Therefore, it is not surprising that […]

What is agriculture

The human being needs to supply the entire population with enough food. Much of this food comes from the earth by combining different procedures and knowledge that have been acquired over thousands of years. The objective of agriculture is to produce foods of plant origin such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, vegetables, among others, combining all these knowledge […]

Germinate chestnuts

If you are a chestnut lover, you will surely look forward to the time when they hit the shops as “May water.” In fact, there are many who long for that moment to enjoy them. But, what if we tell you that you can germinate chestnuts at home and thus have your own tree to give you chestnuts? If you’ve […]

Organic material

You have probably heard in the field of agriculture and gardening that many of the plants need a large amount of organic matter to be able to grow in good conditions. Organic matter is that which is chemically composed around carbon and its fundamental atoms. It constitutes the first layer of the soil and is composed of the remains […]

Characteristics of C4 plants

The plant kingdom has developed different strategies to survive. Some are visible, such as cactus spines for example, which are nothing more than modified leaves that have replaced the ability to photosynthesize with that of protecting the body of these plants. But there are others that are not so, such as the so-called C4 plants. They are plants […]

Grow parsley

Everyone knows that parsley is a very rich seasoning used by chefs around the world. In addition, it has many beneficial properties for the body and is easy to plant at home. Therefore, growing parsley is a very good idea to have this aromatic herb throughout the year. If you are interested in growing parsley, this is the article […]

Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)

Lettuce is a vegetable that we consume all year round, and it is one of those that needs less time to mature . In fact, in just about three months we will be able to collect it to prepare, for example, delicious salads. But one of the good things about it is that it can be grown in […]

How plants feed

Many people already know that plants breathe and drink, but if they are living things, shouldn’t they eat too? How do plants eat? This is a question that many people ask themselves and that really has a very simple answer. In order to clarify the doubts about plant nutrition, we are going to talk a little about them […]

How to make a pond

If you have a more or less large space and you do not want to have to fill it with plants, but you are looking for something more “exotic”, how about opting for a pond? Believe it or not, doing it is much easier than you think, and we are going to give you ideas on how […]

What is polyculture

Agriculture was a key element for the settlement of human beings and for the self-sufficiency of the populations. Thanks to tillage of the land for the growth of plant species, it has been possible to create various optimized techniques thanks to the different types of cultivation. One of them is polyculture. It is a way of growing vegetables that […]

Oomycetes: symptoms and treatment

It is common to confuse oomycetes with true fungi, since the symptoms and damage they cause are practically the same. But in addition, the treatment that is applied for some can also be used for others. Still, I think it is very important to know about oomycetes , organisms that affect many species of plants around the world. […]

How to make a large homemade chicken coop

There are many people who, having space and wanting to lead a healthier life, have started to learn how to make a large chicken coop to have chickens and enjoy fresh eggs every day that do not go through the food sector. Thus, you have a healthier food since it is natural. And it doesn’t require […]

Phytophthora ramorum

From the first second of life, plants have to manage to survive multiple insects and microorganisms eager to feed on them, regardless of whether they are part of a jungle or a garden. Of all the enemies that woody species and in particular trees can have, the most dangerous is the oomycete Phytophthora ramorum . But why do we have […]

Tree pruning

The pruning of trees is to remove a portion of the tree, shrub or plant so that it can help the body to find meaning and direction more useful for humans and being healthy for the plant. It can be said that it is a set of operations that are carried out on the plant to shape it. There are […]

Pumpkin (Cucurbita)

Pumpkin is a plant that belongs to the genus Cucurbita. Although you may only remember her on Halloween, this is a herbaceous plant that is easy to grow. Therefore, from here we encourage you to do it because surely you will not regret it. Below you will discover the most recommended species, the most interesting varieties and everything […]

Banana (Musa)

The banana, as we know, is one of the easiest fruits to consume, since you can peel them as you eat them, without the need to stain your hands. For this reason, it is common for children and young people to carry one in their backpack, or for adults to enjoy its flavor in the garden. […]

How to make terraces on a slope

There are many people who have a small plot on a slope and do not know how to make terraces. Depending on the height of the wood, several terraces can be built that have retaining walls made of wood, as well as bricks or stones. There are many ways to learn how to make sloping terraces . You simply have […]


Plants, as living beings, have their own defense system to protect themselves from viruses, fungi and bacteria. The problem is that, like humans, their health can be weakened. Cold, heat, thirst, hunger, and even the pruning that we do. Any stressful situation makes microorganisms do their best to infect them, and among them we have pseudomonas . Although their name […]


Diatoms are microorganisms that we can find in the seas, swamps and rivers . They are not seen with the naked eye, but thanks to specialized microscopes it is possible to distinguish a wide variety of different species. In fact, 20,000 have been found. All of them are part of phytoplankton, which is made up of a series […]

Types of grafts

One of the most advanced cultivation techniques in the world of gardening in agriculture is grafting. It is an association between two different plants that are linked in such a way that they can continue to develop as a single plant. To do this, you must choose a bud or a shoot that comes from one plant […]

Heat stress in plants

Even the hardiest plant can have a hard time during an especially hot summer or during a heat wave. But how does it react to a rise in temperatures for which it was not prepared? Thermal stress is a problem that, as fans of gardening and/or agriculture, we must be aware of, since no crop is exempt […]

What is the crop association?

In the world of agriculture, teamwork is much more productive because the sum of the capacities of each person provides a synergistic effect. In this way, crop results are greatly improved. Well, the same thing happens with the plant world. In this case, we are talking about the crop association. It is about growing two or more plant species in […]

Rolled leaves on plants

Rolled leaves on plants are one of the symptoms that can worry us the most . And not for lack of reasons, since we all like to see the leaves unfolded, wide open, and of their natural color because that means they are healthy. But of course, when they hook up, something very serious is happening to […]

What to sow in August

The hottest months of the year can be a good time to harvest some vegetables and plant others, so we are going to talk about what to sow in August. Despite how hot it can be, many plants do well to grow and develop. However, keep in mind that high temperatures and so much direct sunlight result in […]

Tanuki bonsai

If you are a bonsai lover, it is very likely that you know many species, that you know the ins and outs of how many of them are cared for, or that you have even experimented with making one yourself. But, do you know the tanuki bonsai technique? Know what it is? It is a type of decoration […]

How often to water potted tomatoes

In our country, the tomato is one of the most consumed fruits in every home. There are people who have a small garden at home or a space to plant potted tomatoes. It should be borne in mind that the care of potted tomatoes is different from those that are planted in the garden. Therefore, many people do […]

Characteristics and types of algae

Algae are organisms found especially in an aquatic environment , such as seas or rivers. They have the ability to photosynthesize, that is, to transform the sun’s energy into food, for this reason they grow in those areas where the rays of the sun can reach. Although at first it could be at least curious, humans have […]

Varieties of wheat

In the world of agriculture, there are certified seeds that are produced and marketed to adapt to current regulations. In this way, its quality is guaranteed since its specific hardness is ensured and that it has great germination power. There are several varieties of wheat in Spain that are grown thanks to their high yield and quality. In this […]

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