Winter garden plants

During winter, many plants come to rest, making the garden seem asleep as if someone had hit an imaginary pause button. Every day they seem the same, as they remain practically unchanged throughout the season. The only visible changes are those shown by the weather: sometimes there is snow, other times ice, sometimes it rains or it is windy. But this situation may be somewhat different.

If we plant evergreen outdoor plants in our winter garden, we will be able to continue contemplating the natural beauty of our favorite corners. And that’s not to mention that these will allow us to take magnificent photographs during all these weeks, regardless of whether the snow falls or the wind blows.

What are the most recommended plants? Well, some of the ones we recommend here are the following:

  • Holly ( Ilex aquifolium )
  • Astilbe (Astilbe sp)
  • Cotoneaster ( Cotoneaster horizontalis )
  • Dicksonia ( Balantium antarcticum )
  • Durillo ( Viburnum tinus )
  • Snow eucalyptus ( Eucalyptus pauciflora )
  • Raised palm ( Trachycarpus fortunei )
  • Star jasmine ( Trachelospermum jasminoides )
  • Christmas rose ( Helleborus niger )


Holly can be potted

The holly is a tree, sometimes shrub large evergreen that can grow between 6 and 15 meters high . It has a straight trunk and a pyramidal bearing, as well as a highly branched crown from which numerous oval leaves sprout. It bears fruit in autumn-winter.

Supports up to -20ºC.


Astilbe is a very rustic rhizomatous plant

The astilbe is a hardy perennial plant that is grown both for its size and, above all, for its striking feathery flowers. Depending on the variety, it can measure up to 1 meter or a meter and a half in height , and in spring it produces its flowers, which are red, pink or lilac.

To grow it needs partial shade, but in very cold climates it is grown in full sun. Withstands frosts up to -18ºC without problems.


The cotoneaster is an evergreen shrub

Image – Wikimedia / peganum

The cotoneaster is an evergreen shrub that grows to about a meter in height . Its leaves are about one centimeter long, and are green in color. Its fruits are red berries with a high ornamental value.

It is an interesting plant for temperate and cold climates, as it resists frosts down to -20ºC.


Dicksonia is a tree fern that withstands the cold

Image – Wikimedia / amandabhslater

The dicksonia is a fern tree that reaches 15 meters high . Its leaves, called fronds, are perennial, with a length of between 2 and 6 meters. The growth rate is very slow, but it is a plant that can be used to decorate gardens and terraces since its youth.

It must be in shade or semi-shade, because if the sun hits it directly it will “burn” it. If the specimen is adult and acclimatized, it is capable of withstanding up to -10ºC according to some English portals such as Foliosa, from the United Kingdom, but we advise protecting it if it drops below -4ºC.


Durillo is an evergreen shrub that is highly resistant to frost

Image – Wikimedia / Retama

The durillo is an evergreen shrub that also can be as small tree up to 7 meters as it tolerates pruning well enough. Its leaves are ovate-elliptical, bright green on the upper side and lighter on the underside. In spring it produces white flowers grouped in inflorescences that attract various beneficial insects, such as bees.

It resists frosts down to -12ºC.

Snow eucalyptus

Image – Wikimedia / AcabashiImage – Wikimedia / Carlinhos27

The snow eucalyptus, or snow eucalyptus as it is also known, is an evergreen tree that, depending on the harsh climate in which it lives, can grow up to 5 meters , or exceed 7 meters. The leaves in the adult specimens are lanceolate, but when young they tend to be a little ovate.

It is a highly recommended plant for those areas where temperatures can drop a lot, since it supports up to -23ºC.

Raised palm

The raised palm is a palm tree that resists the cold winter

Image – Wikimedia / CT Johansson

The raised palmetto , also known as the excelsa palm, is one of the palm tree species that is most resistant to cold winter. It develops a single trunk up to 12 meters high by about 30 centimeters thick, from which palmate leaves sprout 75 centimeters wide by 50 centimeters long.

It grows in places exposed to the sun, and can survive up to -20ºC if there are occasional frosts.

Star jasmine

The Trachelospermum jasminioides is a winter garden plant that produces white flowers

Image – Flickr / Cyril Nelson

It is also called milk jasmine or helix jasmine , and it is an evergreen climbing shrub that can be up to 10 meters high if supported, or grow as a rounded bush about 7 meters high. Its leaves are simple and oval-lanceolate, of a glossy dark green color. In spring it produces white and highly perfumed flowers, similar to those of the true jasmine (Jasminum).

However, the similarities end there, since star jasmine is a plant that resists cold much better: up to -12ºC

Christmas rose

Helleborus is an outdoor plant that resists winter

Image – Wikimedia / Archenzo

The Christmas rose or hellebore, is a perennial plant that grows as a creeper, reaching about 0.50 meters . The leaves are palmate and dark green. During the winter it produces large flowers and white, pink, or red depending on the variety. Also, it is important to add that it is toxic if ingested.

It grows in semi-shade, so it is recommended to have it a little protected from the star king. Supports up to -10ºC.

What do you think of these winter garden plants?

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