5 Medicinal plants to grow at home

As we have already mentioned on different occasions, in addition to being able to grow vegetables, greens, and fruits in our own garden, which we use to make salads, dishes, or sauces, we can also grow certain medicinal plants that will help us at specific times.

It is for this reason, that today, we present you with 5 medicinal plants that can provide you with many benefits, and that can also be cultivated in your home since their characteristics allow it and do not require much care. So pay attention, to get down to work.

The first of these 5 plants that you can grow yourself in your garden, is sage, which can help you improve digestive problems, as well as heal wounds naturally. The best thing about this plant is that it does not need a lot of water, although I recommend that you place it in a place where it gets a lot of natural light.

On the other hand, you can also grow the aloe plant, or aloe vera, which will be very useful, especially if you have problems with your skin. It can also help you purify your body and with any respiratory or bronchial problems. Although this plant does not require much care, it will grow best in hot climates. Lavender is another of the plants that you can sow at home, you can use it as an aromatic plant or make lavender infusions.

Another plant that you can have in your garden is valerian. This is one of the plants known for its relaxing and stress-reducing qualities. To grow valerian, you just need to take into account the humidity of the soil, as it requires a lot of moisture. Likewise, it is important that when growing it you place it in a place with a lot of shade. And finally, we have rosemary, which can be used as a condiment or as a natural remedy for your health.

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