Grow hanging plants

The summertime is coming and with it the high temperatures, which allow us to go out to the balcony and the garden to enjoy a beautiful day in contact with nature. It is the ideal time for us to start taking care of our plants and trying a new way of decorating with hanging plants.

The species hanging plants can be used both indoors and outside it. The most recommended to have, because they are easy to maintain and will look more beautiful, are fuchsias, ivy, petunias, and begonias, which can be planted in pots thanks to the long and flexible stems that begin to develop.

It should be noted that there are different types of containers to hang. There are wire, wooden, plastic, and terracotta containers. And even if you like one more than the other, I recommend that you always choose the most appropriate one according to the place where you are going to locate it, as well as according to the plantation that you are going to carry out to avoid later problems. Do not forget to think about the fixings, ropes, and chains that will hold them to the wall or ceiling, since when the baskets are wet or very full, they reach a considerable weight.

Whichever container you have chosen, you must ensure that it has very good drainage. I recommend that you line the basket with moss and cover it with black plastic with holes. Then if you can put the soil on top and sow the plant you have chosen. One of the most appropriate plants for a hanging basket to have full sun is the gypsy, which only needs regular watering without falling into puddles.

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