How to care for basil

When we have a garden or a space on our balcony to grow some plants , we not only have to think about growing them directly in the ground, we can also use pots to grow flowers, plants and even medicinal herbs. One of the plants that is most grown in pots is basil, not only for its properties but also for the delicious aroma that pervades the entire place.

In the same way, you can use it in the kitchen, to accompany dishes such as salads, pasta, fish, among others. So if you like its taste, its aroma, and you want to learn how to grow it, all you need is to follow the advice that we bring you today so that you can grow basil in a pot . Take note and pay close attention.

You should know that all you need to carry out this task will be some basil seeds , a little compost and a tall pot. You should start by planting several seeds, trying to distribute them very well so that you can see the first seedlings in the next few days. Once these appear, I recommend that you remove the less developed shoots so that they can make room for the best specimens.

Keep in mind that these plants will develop much better if you place them near a window or in a place where they can receive many hours of sun during the day. You must bear in mind that it should not be a place where it is very cold or there are strong wind currents as this could negatively affect the growth of your plant, and even end up killing it.

You also have to be very careful with watering , because if you water too much you could drown and kill it. You must take care of keeping it always moist but avoiding puddles that cause rotting of the roots. You should also make sure that the pot has a good drainage system so that the excess water can drain out of the ground.

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