How to grow plants in water?

In case you didn’t know, the only way to grow plants at home is not by using a pot and a little soil, you can also use water to grow them. It should be noted that the soil is the essential medium to support the plant in a straight way, allowing the nutrients to be taken correctly through moisture. However, you can start by throwing away the dirt and the insects that it can bring with it, and using only water.

Many of the plants that we have at home can grow perfectly in a simple double container with stones, and with a solution of water. The stones will be used so that the plant can be held perfectly and does not fall or start to grow sideways. But, let’s see step by step, how you can grow your plants in water. Pay a lot of attention.

First of all, it is important that you organize and prepare all the materials and elements that you will need for your plant. I recommend that you gather them in a place that can get dirty and wet, such as in the kitchen sink. Remember that you will need the plant, clay stones, inner pot with holes, water level indicator and the outer pot.

You must soak the clay stones with water, to remove dust and any type of small element that it may contain. Immediately afterwards, transplant from the ground, removing the plant from its pot, and holding it from the base with great care. I recommend that you remove all the soil from the roots, and that you remove the dead roots. If you haven’t watered your plant that day, you can choose to wash its roots with a little water, so that no soil remains on them.

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