How to make my own hydroponic garden?

Hydroponics and hydroponic farming is a form of agriculture that is being used currently very much, that uses substances special minerals, and water instead of soil or soil to grow plants in a nutshell a hydroponics garden would be a garden it has no land but water.

It is important to note that these types of gardens are special to have indoors since they use very little space and only a few materials are required to build it. Hydroponic gardens will not require any type of soil, they are much easier to care for than any other garden and they are special for planting vegetables, so it would be a good idea to have our own vegetables and fruits planted there.

In the same way, as we mentioned, these gardens can be made in a base with only water , or in some other place with water that supports the roots, that have stones or a base made of coconut fiber. Remember that the mineral substance must be added daily, so that the roots absorb the dissolved mineral nutrients and can replace the water with the soil.

But how do we set up our own hydroponic garden ? You just need to have a storage or germination tray, a coconut fiber base, stones, nutrients and seeds. You should put the medium stones in the tray, so that the roots can hold. Then add a layer of coconut fiber, which does not have nutrients but serves as a support and opens channels there to place the seeds. Once you have sown them you must water the tray until it is completely wet.

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