How to remove parasites from the earth?

The substrate is essential for the development and growth of any type of plant, shrub, vegetable, crop, among others, so we must always pay close attention to the type of substrate we need and its condition for use in our garden or orchard. However, on many occasions, it may happen that different types of parasites appear in the substrate that affects our plants. Let’s see a little about the factors that generate the parasites of the earth.

The cochineal is one of the most frequent parasites that appear in the substrate, and they appear when it is very humid due to excessive watering. However, excessive humidity can also give way to parasites such as worms, centipedes, and other insects that can put the plant and its fruits at risk. Although these little animals seem harmless, it is important to bear in mind that they can completely destroy the roots and leaves of any species, so we recommend that you control their appearance and fight against them.

One of the main tricks to have these parasites controlled is to permanently monitor the pots, both in external and internal gardens, although in the latter their appearance is less due to environmental conditions. If you start to notice that little mounds of earth are forming around the pot, it will be a sign that the parasites are there and that they have been leaving their feces that now replace the substrate.

In order to eliminate these parasites, I recommend that you visit a place specialized in plants, where they will recommend some type of product that combats insects that develop both in the soil of your garden and in the soil of the pots. Remember to follow the step-by-step instructions to avoid any damage to your plant and thus eliminate any parasites.

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