Natural and Homemade Fertilizers

The fertilizer and fertilizer chemicals in addition to being quite expensive are not always the most effective solution for our plants. Nature is very wise and she herself has the elements to feed ourselves and stay healthy. For this reason today we bring you some tips to prepare your own natural compost for plants.

This type of fertilizer can be used both in the plants that we have inside our house and for those that are kept outdoors.

  • Organic salad: We are going to collect all the natural waste that we have on hand, such as banana peels, apple trunks, mandarin peels, dry leaves, cut grass, etc., we are going to need all the natural elements that can decompose. Once we have our “salad” we are going to bury them and cover them with enough soil to keep pests and other animals such as flies away. It is important to try to always keep this homemade compost moist, so periodically we must remove the top layer and check that it retains moisture. Once 2 or 3 months have passed, the soil will be ready to fertilize your plants.

  • If you don’t want to wait months to have your soil fertilized and prepared for your plants, you can take advantage of the egg shells. You must crush them very well and deposit it in each of your plants. The calcium in egg shells will notably improve the mineral composition of the earth due to the calcium they contain.
  • In the same way, you can water your plants with the water that you used to boil the eggs, as long as you have not added salt, since sodium could damage them.The high mineral content of this water will strengthen your plants and nourish them.
  • If after a meeting at your house, there was some wine left in the bottle, do not throw it away, fill the bottle with water and mix it with water and wine. The next time you water your plants, use this mixture.

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