The Laws of the Japanese Garden

As we mentioned earlier, when we are thinking of giving our garden a different touch, we can opt for a  Japanese-style garden. This design not only brings balance and naturalness to our environment, but we will also be ensuring a beautiful and quiet place in our home. However, before we start, it is important that we begin to understand the laws of the Japanese garden, to give a true Japanese feeling to our garden.

It is for this reason that today, we bring you the three basic rules of the Japanese-style garden, in order to achieve a balanced and beautiful space, with the best of Japanese designs. Pay close attention and get to work.

The first law, which we must take into account, is that the design of the garden must be adapted to the place, and not the other way around. In this way, if the garden is in Japan, it will be a Japanese garden, but if we have it in the United States, for example, it will be an American garden in the Japanese style.

This mentioned reminds us of the second law to take into account when designing a Japanese-style garden, and that is to put the stones very well, then the trees, and then the bushes. We must try to put each of the elements at the right time, since each of the elements that we use, be they stones, sand, bushes, water, are complemented by the other elements so we must achieve a perfect balance between each.

The last and third law of Japanese-style garden designs tells us about the familiarity we must have with the laws of sin, gyo and so, to achieve the correct balance and mood.

The Laws of the Japanese Garden

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