How to plant young garlic at home

Garlic is a food that is frequently used to prepare delicious recipes, but it will also serve as an insecticide … both for plants and for ourselves, as it has numerous medicinal properties.

If you want to know how to plant spring garlic at home , take note of these tips 🙂 .

What I need?


Before planting, the first thing we will do is prepare all the material to be used, which is:

  • Garlic : Garlic bulbs for planting can be purchased at farm stores or nurseries. Those sold in supermarkets have been treated so that they do not germinate, so they will not serve us.
  • Pot : these plants can be grown both in pots -large and deep- and in the garden. If you don’t have land, get a few large plastic buckets (such as paint buckets), make several holes for drainage, clean them with water and a little dishwashing liquid, and that’s it.
  • Substrate : in the case of garlic, it is highly recommended to use 70% black peat and 30% perlite. I also recommend adding a little – a handful will be enough – of worm humus so that it has a good development from the beginning.
  • Watering can with water : you can’t miss it. After each sowing, planting or transplanting, it is very important to water.

How to plant garlic

garlic plant

And now that we have everything, we are going to plant our garlic. How? A) Yes:

Plant in a pot

If you have chosen to plant your garlic in a pot, you only have to do the following :

  1. Fill the pot with substrate, almost completely.
  2. Introduce a single garlic to a depth of about 4-5cm.
  3. Water.

Plant in the garden

Planting in the orchard involves a little more work, but it is already known that the work … will bring its reward .

  1. Make several trenches, as many as the amount of garlic you want to plant, about 10cm deep.
  2. Plant the garlic at a minimum distance of 20cm between each one of them.
  3. Cover them with soil.
  4. And finally, water.
red garlic

Do you dare to plant garlic this season?

How to plant young garlic at home

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