The colorful Violet of the Alps

If there is a plant that I like, it is the Violet of the Alps . It is one of the most colorful plants I know and that is why it is widely used for ornamental purposes. But I also like the way its flowers look, with semi-fallen petals that give the plant a special air.

Its flowers are the center of attention and you can choose between white, red and pink. I think I could not say which one I like the most because each shade has a personal charm and that is why many landscapers choose to combine the three options in order to highlight the beauty of these plants.

Knowing the plant

Alpine Violet Plant

The scientific name of the Violet of the Alps is Cyclamen persicum and although the flowering of the plant occurs from May to October, it is common for its flowers to remain for most of the year.

Because it is a very adaptable plant, its uses are varied. They can be inside the house, next to the window, or in flowerbeds outside. It is also possible to use them as seasonal seedlings or combine them with other plants.

Although it does not present greater demands, the Violet of the Alps prefers certain conditions that we will know below.

Needs of the Violet of the Alps

Ideally, it should grow in a semi-sunny or sunny place, although in a climate that is not too hot, since the optimum temperature for this plant is between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius and it does not support frost . Although experts say that it should not receive direct sun, my plant grows strong on my sunny balcony until the hot summer days begin. So it is better to put it in a shelter to protect it.

Cyclamen persicum

Another important factor is irrigation as it must vary throughout the seasons. The plant needs plenty of water , especially in autumn and winter, as the humidity will lead to better flowering. When spring arrives, you have to reduce watering and do it close to the bulb, while in summer you hardly have to water.

Unlike other plants, it is important to check the plant regularly to remove old leaves and flowers as this will extend the life of the plant. You can remove the flowers by gently plucking them. Remember that year after year the Violet of the Alps will give away a greater number of flowers, so the longer the life of the plant, the better.

The colorful Violet of the Alps

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