How to plant a cherry tree

For many, it is one of the most beautiful deciduous fruit trees. They are quite a sight in spring, when they are filled with those beautiful white flowers, but also in autumn, as their leaves turn from green to more orange tones. And as if that were not enough, its fruits are delicious .

Towards the end of summer is the ideal time to learn how to plant a cherry tree . You sign up?


The cherry tree, whose scientific name is Prunus avium , is a fruit tree native to the Mediterranean region, highly appreciated for its tasty fruits and its great ornamental value. If you want to have one in your garden or in your orchard, you can plant as soon as the leaves begin to fall. However, if you are in a hurry or if it is a young specimen, it is not necessary to wait for that to happen. Even so, it is important that, in any case, the tree is carefully removed from the pot , trying to prevent the root ball from falling apart.

We have to make a planting hole, at least, deep enough to fit without difficulty, but I recommend that you make one of 1m x 1m, since that way you can mix the soil with a little (more or less, 10%) of compost or earthworm humus, while making sure that the roots have an easier time developing correctly by having an aerated and loose soil. After planting it in its final place, give it a good watering, and put a stake on it so that the wind cannot bend it.

Cherry Blossom

Although the cherry tree is not a tree with invasive roots, it is convenient to locate it about 3m around pipes, cemented floors, or any other type of construction so that tomorrow it can be seen in all its splendor.

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How to plant a cherry tree

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