How to plant a lemon tree

This is one of the most ornamental and easy-care fruit trees out there: the lemon tree. We all know its sweet taste, and surely we have added a few drops to our dishes, or have prepared delicious refreshing drinks.

Do you want to know how to plant a lemon tree? If so, follow the tips below.

lemon tree

The lemon tree, whose scientific name is Citrus x limon , is a medium-sized tree that reaches a height of about 5-6m with a crown diameter -if not pruned- of about 3 or 4m. Its leaves are perennial, that is to say, it maintains them all year round, of a very beautiful light green color. Its growth rate is neither very fast nor very slow, as it can grow about 20cm per year depending on the growing conditions.

Its roots are not aggressive, but taking into account the surface it can occupy, it is recommended to plant it at a minimum distance of 2m from walls or other tall plants . It can also be planted close to the orchard, but keeping the distance, otherwise over time it can give the horticultural plants too much shade.

Lemon Tree

The ideal time to transplant is towards the end of winter, but you can do it in autumn without problems, especially if you live in a mild climate with very short frosts. In the event that winter is very harsh in your area, if you need to change its pot urgently, put it in a sheltered room in a very bright room during the coldest months.

When planting it, a 1m x 1m hole should be made, and mix the soil from the garden with 10% earthworm humus. After putting it in place and covering the hole with soil, we give it a generous watering and put a stake on it to keep it upright. And ready. So easy and fast you can have your precious fruit tree in your favorite green corner.

Did you find these tips useful? 🙂

How to plant a lemon tree

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