How to prevent conifers from turning brown

One of the most frequent problems, and unsightly at the same time, is undoubtedly the browning of conifers . Caused by fungi, it is a major evil that can be avoided if a series of things are taken into account that are vital for plants to grow healthy and without complications.

Let ‘s see how to prevent conifers from turning brown with a few simple tricks.


It is important to know that a plant that is well cultivated will hardly be attacked by any pest or disease. In fact, a plant that is healthy, and that has all the nutrients it needs, could be said to be like a person who exercises and eats well. And it is that human beings and vegetables if we are alike in anything, it is in the following: if our defense system has everything it needs, it will be able to eliminate the intruder , be it viruses, bacteria, or fungi.

That said, before proceeding to plant our conifers it is very important that we respect the planting framework ; that is, we will plant them at a minimum distance of 40cm between one specimen and another.

Cupressus x leylandii

Likewise, we have to make sure that the soil is aerated and fertilized , digging from time to time and fertilizing throughout the vegetative season (from spring to late summer), using both a liquid fertilizer for conifers, and a foliar fertilizer rich in nitrogen.

A preventive measure that is highly recommended is to carry out treatments with fungicides against the Phytophthora fungus in the spring and summer months.

Finally, control the risks and, if you have drip irrigation, avoid the tubes being in direct contact with the trunk . If you water with a hose or watering can, do not aim at the trunk or leaves. The frequency of watering will depend a lot on the weather conditions, but in general it will be watered about 2 times a week in the warmer months, and 1 or 2 times every seven days the rest of the year.

Do you know of other ways to prevent conifers from turning brown?

How to prevent conifers from turning brown

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