Maple Bonsai Care

Since its inception, one of the most used types of trees in the bonsai technique is the Maple . Some deciduous trees and beautiful autumn color with which authentic works of art are created.

They are very resistant and adaptable, so it is not surprising that all lovers in this world have some other specimen in their collection. We explain the care of the maple bonsai .

Acer rubrum bonsai

Maples are trees native to temperate regions around the world. Its ideal temperature range is between -5º minimum and 30ºC maximum. However, there are species such as Acer rubrum or Acer opalus that can withstand a little more heat: up to 37ºC, as long as they have enough humidity. In any case, you should know that a good substrate will make the plant much more resistant to weather conditions. In the case of maples, a good substrate would be this: 70% akadama mixed with 30% kiryuzuna.

These incredible plants must always be located outdoors , since they need to feel the passing of the seasons to have optimal development and growth. Therefore, although it is common to find Acer palmatum bonsai inside the greenhouses in a nursery, as soon as we get home it is highly recommended to place them protected from direct sun, for example on the terrace, where it will also give it that oriental touch that we love so much. like it 🙂 .

trident maple bonsai

As we have said, they need high humidity. Thus, we will water often , especially during the summer months. The frequency will vary according to various factors: climate, wind intensity, substrate, location…, but in general it will be necessary to water 2-3 times a week from autumn to spring, and in summer every 1-2 days. The water to use will preferably be rainwater, but if we cannot get it, we will fill a bucket with tap water and let it rest overnight, so that the heavy metals remain inside the container. Another option is to add a few drops of lemon or vinegar to lower the pH, something that Japanese maples will especially appreciate.

To maintain the design of our tree, it can be pinched throughout the growing season , allowing between 4 and 6 pairs of leaves to grow, and removing 2. Training pruning should be done in autumn or towards the end of winter, when its yolks are about to wake up.

Do you like maple bonsai? Do you have any?

Maple Bonsai Care

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