Selection of evergreen fruit trees for your garden

Fruit trees are the ideal complement to have in your orchard or garden. Easy to maintain, its tasty fruits will calm our stomachs throughout the season.

If you are looking for evergreen fruit trees , take a look at our selection.

cork oak

Quercus suber

The cork oak , whose scientific name is Quercus suber , is native to Europe and Africa. In Spain it is easily found in the mountains. It is a tree that can live for around 200 years, it loves the sun and can withstand low temperatures of up to -5ºC. It is not a demanding species, but if you have calcareous or clayey soil, it is highly recommended that you mix it with blond peat to acidify it, since otherwise symptoms of chlorosis could appear.

Citrus sp.

Orange tree

Trees of the Citrus genus , such as the orange or lemon tree, are native to regions with a mild climate on the Asian continent. Rich in vitamin C and citric acid, they are also very decorative, as they have very pretty small white flowers. As if that were not enough, they resist mild frosts without problems and can grow in all types of terrain .



The olive tree , whose scientific name is Olea europaea , is native to the Mediterranean region where it lives in places with very low rainfall. Their growth is rather slow, but their longevity is amazing, as they have a life expectancy of 500 years . One thing you should keep in mind is that there are two types of olive trees: the one that produces the olive, which is the Olea europaea var. europaea , and the wild olive tree (also called acebuche) which is known by the scientific name of Olea europaea var. sylvestris . Both are very similar, but the fruit of the wild olive is notably smaller than that of the olive tree. In any case, they withstand temperatures of up to -4ºC.

What do you think of these evergreen fruit trees? Do you know others?

Selection of evergreen fruit trees for your garden

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