Basic tools for garden maintenance

For a garden to be kept in optimal conditions, some basic tools are necessary . Depending on the total area of ​​the land, as well as your budget, you will have to get one or the other.

Next we are going to see which are the utensils that are going to be used most frequently .



The hoe is an indispensable tool for planting. It will also serve to remove the earth, while we aerate it. And, of course, it will be our best helper to remove wild weeds from the garden.


To carry out any task, gloves are essential, especially if you are going to dig holes or use, for example, the power tiller. It seems not, but they will be very useful if we want to avoid having painful blisters.

gardening shovel

garden shovel

The garden shovel will allow us to carry the earth -or compost- from one place to another. It should not be missing in your warehouse.

small shovel

We can not forget the small shovel . A very useful tool for filling pots -or planting holes- with substrate.


Who doesn’t like to hose down their plants ? Although it is true that now with the heat it is preferable to start the drip irrigation system, the hose can be used to water those flowers where drip irrigation does not reach, for example, in the corners.



The rake will come in handy for mixing and leveling the land, as well as for bringing freshly cut grass to a single point to pick it up later with the shovel.

Pruning shears

Indispensable for making cuttings or trimming faded roses from our bushes. The pruning shears must always be kept disinfected with a cleaning prior to use, cleaning it with water and a drop of dishwashing liquid or pharmacy alcohol. In this way, the risk of fungi proliferation decreases.


Basic tools for garden maintenance

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