Garden design step by step (XIV) – Paint block planter

Very good days! How have you spent the weekend? Today, Monday, we are going to paint the block planter that we made a while ago since we want to see it finished.

Follow the step by step so that the plants you have put inside look even more beautiful.

preparing material


Before starting any work, it is highly recommended to prepare everything that we are going to need beforehand. In this case, before proceeding to give it one or several coats of paint, it is necessary to bind, that is, cover the blocks with a layer of paste. Thus, we need :

  • small hand shovel
  • trowel (for masonry)
  • Basket or wheelbarrow where to make the pasta
  • Cement
  • Picadin
  • Water
  • exterior paint
  • Brush


In order to make this guide easier, we will divide the work into two parts: in the first we will know how to dock , and in the second we will learn to paint .

Step One – Make the Pasta

Cement and picadin

To get stuck we need a liquid paste, but not waterlogged, since otherwise we would end up wasting cement and picadin. Making it is much simpler than it might seem, in fact, you only have to mix 6 picadin baskets with 2 cement baskets with the help of a hand shovel , if your planter is small.


Then, you have to add water until everything is well moistened , and mix again until something like this remains.

dipping blocks

Now moisten the blocks . In this way, the paste adheres more quickly.


Put a little paste on the trowel, place it with the bottom part against the block first, and then, with both hands, press forward as you go up the trowel .

put stones

In the joints, to spend less paste, put some small stones . When that area is docked, they won’t see each other.


Ready! Not bad, right? If you want the sides to be completely smooth, once it has dried completely, you can wire brush or polish it.



We put away the masonry tools, and we take out the painting tools. Now it’s time to work less hard, and more rewarding. But before you start, you have to remove the dirt from the blocks . We can do it with the same brush that we are going to use to paint, or using a broom.

We start to paint. The color I have chosen is satin brown, because I love rustic. But there are many other colors that you can choose: satin oak, blue, green… Of course, the colors you choose are highly recommended so that they do not clash with those of the room .


To paint the sides and not leave traces of paint on the ground, we will put a piece of plastic as close as possible to the planter.

First coat of paint

First coat of paint put on! We can leave it like that or give it another pass. We will decide this after an hour, which is after that time when the container indicates that it can be repainted.

finished planter

Well, given that what was desired has become a little clearer, it was decided to give it another coat of paint .

Dry paint

Finally, we have it finished. How about? Was it easy for you to make your garden? Tell us.

Garden design step by step (XIV) – Paint block planter

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