Germination and transplanting of an avocado

You like Mexican food? What do you think if you design the menu yourself? You cook some burritos and prepare a delicious guacamole with avocados made in your own garden.

You can choose from many varieties of avocados, from the Pinkerton and the Mexicola to the Zutando, Gwen, Ester, Bacon or Negra de la Cruz . The Hass avocado , however, is the most popular on the market, oval in shape and dark green to purple in color. It has the virtue that it can be harvested throughout the year.

Growing avocados is not a difficult task, although you have to pay attention to germination in order to have a well-developed plant. If the seed settles as it should, it will only take regular care to obtain the fruits.

The steps

To obtain an avocado seed , you just have to take a fruit and open it in half and then remove the seed and clean it with water. Once there are no remains of the pulp, let it dry.

When you notice that there is no trace of moisture, it is time to stick four sticks that will serve as support during the germination stage. Take a glass jar and fill it with water, then rest the base of the seed in the water and hold it with the chopsticks, which will remain resting on the rim of the jar.

For a few weeks, examine the jar and change the water two to three times a week. Little by little, the seed will germinate and then some leaves will appear.

avocado germination

Once four to five leaves have grown, the plant must be transplanted to its final place. You can plant your avocado in the ground or in a pot as it is a plant that adapts to small surfaces without inconvenience. If you do it in a pot, put soil in it and then support the seed in the center and then cover it with soil but leaving the top free.

General care

The pot should receive sun, water and regular watering , so it is best to check the plant regularly to see if the soil is too dry.

It is recommended to apply a fertilizer when spring arrives and during the summer. If you want the plant to have a good density and control, prune the tips of the branches from time to time.

Germination and transplanting of an avocado

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