How to care for a kiwi tree

Would you like some kiwis? They are delicious, and now in summer they help us hydrate due to their high water content. And they’re even tastier when picked straight from the plant.

To be able to taste them, it is necessary to know how to take care of a kiwi tree . Read on to find out the needs of this wonderful garden plant.

kiwi plantation

The scientific name of the kiwi is Actinidia chinensis , a species that can be confused with a tree, as can be seen in the image, but which is actually a climbing shrub. It is native to China, but is currently cultivated in much of the world. It has simple, deciduous leaves, green on the underside and darker on the upper side. To obtain fruit, we need a male specimen and a female one , or we can acquire self-pollinating kiwis , which, although they have a higher price, we will only need one to savor the fruits.

Another option is to sow its seeds in spring , but since we will have to wait about 7 years to take advantage of its first harvest, it is not recommended, unless we want to experiment and/or waiting is not a problem 🙂 .

kiwi flower

The kiwi needs to be in an area exposed to direct sunlight for its fruits to ripen properly. It will also be essential that we water it very often, especially if it is summer or we live in a dry climate, but avoiding that the soil, which must be porous, remains waterlogged.

When planting it in the garden, or in a pot, we have to place a stake on it that it can climb. In this way, it will have optimal development, which will guarantee an excellent harvest.

In winter, training pruning can be carried out, which will consist of trimming those branches that grow too high. To make fruit harvesting more comfortable for us, it is recommended to have a kiwi plant no more than 2m high. In this season it is also important to protect it from intense frosts , bringing it indoors if temperatures drop below 2 degrees Celsius, or otherwise with a thermal blanket or greenhouse plastic.

Do you dare to have your own kiwis?

How to care for a kiwi tree

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