How to protect plants from the sun

Hello again! In the middle of a heat wave it is very important that we know how to protect plants from the sun , especially if they have been with us for a short time. And it is that the king star is now very intense, and can cause important burns to the leaves.

Take note of these tips to keep them in perfect condition throughout the summer period.

masonian begonia

My first recommendation is that, if you are going to buy plants, place them in areas with partial shade , even if they are sun-loving plant beings, unless they are placed outside. I’ll explain why: in the nursery they have the appropriate climatic conditions to grow, and if we take home, for example, a cactus that has been sheltered from the sun, it will suffer significant burns if we do not protect it. This is equally valid for the carnivorous plants of the Sarracenia genus, for the flowers and also for the climbers that we are used to seeing in highly exposed areas.

Also, as the water evaporates much faster than usual, you have to water more often . One way to save as much as possible of the precious liquid is to place the plants under a shading mesh , and put a layer of volcanic clay, clay balls or small decorative stones on the surface of the substrate.


Another very interesting option is to take advantage of the shade of the tallest plants to place those that are more delicate under them. Of course, you should avoid putting them in the shade of Ficus and/or Eucalyptus, as they are tree species that, due to the gas emitted by their leaves, prevent anything from growing around them.

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