What are mini bonsai or mame?

It is said that when you are in charge of one of these little trees, you should be as aware of it as you would be of a child. And it is that taking care of them is not easy, since it is necessary to control the humidity of the substrate several times a day , which can evaporate in a matter of minutes, leaving the plant without its vital sustenance.

Mini bonsai , also known as mame, are the result of continuous work over the years. Do you want to know how they are taken care of?bonsai mom

Image – Thomas J.

These incredible miniature beauties are the most demanding type of bonsai, due to the fact that, as we said before, they do not have much substrate. But we must know that, although we are facing a plant that fits easily in our hand, we must not forget that we are facing a tree and, as such, it has to be located outside so that it can feel the change of the seasons, far away. from air currents and sheltered from direct sunlight; unless it is a tropical species that, in this case, will have to be protected from frost.

Despite their demands, they are the most ideal for those who have space problems , since in just 1m2 you can have… many, many: each one measures less than 20cm in height, and occupies approximately the same amount; With this I say it all 🙂 .bonsai mom

Image – Alejandro Brasich

To maintain it, it must be pinched throughout the growing season -from spring to autumn-, so that it maintains the style that has been chosen for it. By the way, if you live in a dry climate, it is highly recommended to put a layer of moss on it, since this way the humidity will be maintained for longer.

Now, how do you get a mame? The process is simpler than it seems, since you only have to grow a tree in small containers for a few years, until the trunk reaches the thickness that you like; at the same time that you are selecting the branches for your design. We will see it soon in more detail in a future article.

What are mini bonsai or mame?

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