Advantages and disadvantages of growing in winter

After a tour of sowing in spring , summer and autumn, we have one last season left, perhaps the most difficult of all.

Cultivating in winter has its downsides, not everything is bad at this time but we do have to take precautions so that our plants do not suffer the ravages of cold.

The best thing then is to know the advantages and disadvantages of growing in winter in order to have everything ready when the time comes to face low temperatures.

The advantages

Winter has no midpoint, in it the days are cold and it is common for cloudy days and high humidity to occur, if not some rain and snow, depending on where you live.

Despite the panorama, not all of it is bad news, because because the water takes longer to evaporate , the garden becomes less demanding when it comes to irrigation . In some cases, it will even only be necessary to water once a week or every two weeks, so saving water is very interesting.

garden in winter

But it is not the only advantage, it is an ideal time to carry out transplants because the climate allows the roots to have time to develop better in the new habitat as the plants take longer to dry.

Low temperatures also prevent the proliferation of certain insects , whose development cycles are delayed. This translates into fewer pests and threats to vegetables, bushes and plants in general.

The disadvantages

Unfortunately, not all of it can be good news, the other side of winter is the slowdown in the development of certain crops that need a warmer environment to grow. That is why at this time, the harvests are more sporadic for many vegetables, some of them will not even develop until the weather gives up a bit.

The plants need certain care at this time and the work can be more arduous because they must be protected from the cold and frost with plastic or partial shade.

Another problem is fungi, which are favored by humidity . You have to be careful with them because they affect plants, being able to infect them to cause different diseases.

garden in winter

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