Automatic irrigation with sea water

I was looking for new techniques and ways to irrigate the garden and I found a very interesting and audacious type of irrigation that I want to share with you today.

It is a low budget irrigation and that is a great point in its favor while joining the ecological crusade for its virtues.

An innovative system

Using seawater is one of the resources you have at your fingertips if you want to carry out ecological irrigation. The system is called KondensKompressor and it is a very simple technique that you can do yourself at home, saving time and money and reducing water consumption. This system distills seawater while allowing irrigation even when no one is home.

To design this system you will need:

– PET plastic bottles (a drum and a traditional one)
– sea water

The system

Cut the bottom of the jerrycan and cut the traditional bottle in half, then fill the smaller part of the bottle with seawater and place it inside the jerrycan.
Locate the drum in the orchard and wait a few days. Due to the action of the sun, the seawater will condense and begin to slide down the inner walls of the drum until it falls to the ground. Little by little, the system desalinates the water so there is no risk. In addition, the water does not contain nitrate or other components that can affect the plant.


The truth is that I have not tried it but I wanted to share it because it would not be bad to try it. It is economical and also allows you to take advantage of unused bottles. KondensKompressor is a very simple solar distillation system that promises good results. Do you trust him?

Automatic irrigation with sea water

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