Frida Kahlo, inspiration for a Mexican-style garden

To get inspiration and design a Mexican garden, it is possible to look at gardening magazines and blogs, but I think there is nothing like closely appreciating those remnants of culture and design that appear in museums, when exhibitions dedicated to the great figures of Mexican art are held. each country.

Frida Kahlo is undoubtedly the most important painter in Mexico and that is why today we bring her here to JardineríaOn, on the occasion of the exhibition that is being carried out in her name these days.

paintings of my home

Frida Kahlo: art, garden, life is without a doubt an open door to creativity as it exhibits 10 paintings and four drawings by the painter, recreating her studio and the garden of her famous Casa Azul , the residence where she The artist lived in the neighborhood of Coyoacán, Mexico City, and shared it with her husband, the artist Diego Rivera. The sample is centered on the garden of her house and the conception that Kahlo had about plants .

Frida Kahlo Garden

Those who have had the opportunity to learn about Frida Kahlo’s career and to visit the Blue House have been able to appreciate the magic of her work, which stands out for its personal shapes and high-impact colors.

It is precisely this unique style that can serve as inspiration when designing a Mexican garden. The exhibition not only allows you to delve into the forms and content of Kahlo’s work, but also allows you to spy on her garden and his plants… nothing better than this to get ideas .

Frida Kahlo, source of inspiration

“The works we chose for the exhibition shed light on a question that had hardly been addressed about Kahlo’s work, whose suffering as well as her personal and love life have always occupied a central place,” explains Adriana Zavala, curator of the exhibition. . It is this approach that is the most attractive of the exhibition and what, ultimately, can serve as a kick to think of new ideas to design a Mexican garden .

Those who are lucky enough to be in New York these days and visit the city’s Botanical Garden will be able to enjoy these works up close, but those who are far away don’t have to feel left out. Not only can you visit the official website of the Botanical Garden to see the exhibition, but you can also follow the path of this exhibition and investigate Frida’s works inspired by her own home in order to rethink your own green space.

Frida Kahlo Garden

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