How to drive away bees

These insects are considered beneficial for the garden, since they are responsible for pollinating the flowers. Without them, it would be very difficult for plants to reproduce and thus create new generations. However, if you are allergic to their bite, or if you need to keep them away, I am sure that this article will interest you.

Discover how to drive away bees naturally.


As we said, if you have a garden it is difficult to avoid the presence of these insects. However, although there are repellents on the market, I recommend that you squeeze a few oranges and mix the liquid with water . To use it you just have to moisten a cloth and pass it over all the surfaces of your land. Do you think there are too many bees for the trees? Spread their trunks with jam and you will see how little by little they stop coming to them.

If you see that they have formed a honeycomb on the facade, you can proceed to burn newspapers just below it , preferably at night because that is when the bees are less active inside their den. Of course, important, do not forget to take precautions with fire, having a bucket of water nearby just in case. Do not try to burn the honeycomb, but to drive away the bees with the smoke.

Tanacetum parthenium

Although it seems a bit strange, there are three plants that can help you repel bees. They are the following: rue ( Ruta graveolens ), citronella ( Cympobogon citratus ) and Tanacetum parthenium . These three give off a very unpleasant smell for them, who do not hesitate for a moment to walk away.

As all precaution is little, consider dressing in light clothing . This will prevent them from being attracted to the colors of your clothing, and at the same time you will be able to enjoy your garden.

How to drive away bees

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