Ideas for designing a garden

You do not have plans for this weekend? How about giving a special color to your favorite corner? With these ideas to design a garden , you will surely get amazing results.

Because there is no time for boredom when you are doing what we really like. And if you don’t believe me, take note.


The furniture has the peculiarity that it gives a very special design to the garden. However, an excess of them can cause the opposite effect, so to avoid this, it is very important that we choose those that best combine with our space . For example, if our garden is rustic, the option of recycling pallets or even building a beautiful bench can be very interesting. Look look:


And, what do you think about building a woodshed also with pallets? Now is the time to collect the firewood that we may need during the winter.


But if you are looking for comfort, you can opt for ready-made furniture. Like these:

Deck chair

deckchair to rest under the shade of the trees in summer is undoubtedly the ideal. And what about the table and chairs set? Gorgeous. Exterior wood is prepared to withstand inclement weather; although you should know that, especially during the summer months, it is advisable to pass them from time to time a brush impregnated with dishwasher mixed with a tablespoon of chlorine and water .


Plants are the undisputed protagonists of a garden. And they are the ones that give color and shape. We can take advantage of them to bring a bit of nature to your home. Like for example some beautiful flowers to celebrate summer, like these. They are spectacular, and surely your visitors will not hesitate to take pictures. Remember that you should put the low ones in front , so that the tallest ones do not give them too much shade.


To enjoy good shade, you have to choose the ideal tree or palm tree . So, depending on your climate and the characteristics of your garden, you can put some species or others.

Dypsis decaryi

If you like recycling, you can use anything as a pot for your plants. Old tires, a bucket… you name it! If you don’t like its design, paint it in the colors you like best.

Carnivorous plants

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