Indoor plants: changing pots

If you have potted plants , it is best to change their container every two years so that they can then live in a place with more space.

There are several reasons to change the pots of the plants although two are the most important.


As time goes by, the roots of the plants tend to grow more and more and it is common for the space in the pots to become small. If the plants are not moved to a larger pot, it is common for them to suffer because the roots are crowded and they cannot develop to their full potential. Thus, the development of the plant is slowed down , the leaves are smaller or it blooms less. Although this is the trend, the change of pot will be related to the species, as there are some that do not need a frequent transplant, although the rule is that it is good for almost all of them.

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But there is a second reason to change the pot every two years and that is that the substrate is washed away over time, losing its virtues and characteristics. Even if the land is fertilized, quality is lost and that is why a renovation is good.

In the case of large plants, instead of changing the pot, it is decided to renew the surface layer of soil in order to reinforce the richness of the soil, although in the long run the best thing is a complete renovation.

When changing the pot , do not use garden soil but compost or peat mixed with river sand.


The change of pot helps the good development of the plant , which now has more space and loose and nourished soil. It is best to do this procedure in spring, always with plants that are healthy, and then avoid exposing the pots too much.

Indoor plants: changing pots

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