Irrigation with gel water for plants

If you are planning a getaway but do not want to leave your plants thirsty , it is always possible to resort to a series of automatic irrigation alternatives . Not all of them are expensive solutions because there are home automatic irrigation systems that are easy to implement, very cheap and do not require prior knowledge.

Among the alternatives is to use gel water , a very practical and clean resource that does not entail major inconveniences.

What is gel water about?

Gel water is nothing more than gelled water , that is to say that even when it is not solid, its state allows the plant to suck it up little by little and as needed.
There are different versions of gel water, many of them are sold in nurseries and it is a kit that includes a plastic tube similar to a roller with a lid and the gel.

When using it, the tube must be buried in the gel soil, always taking care that a small portion remains on the surface. The gel is then placed in the receptacle and finally covered. As the plant needs it, the mesh tube gives it the gel. The system works best if a substrate called hydrocontrol is also used, which has polymers that help the substrate retain moisture.

gel water

homemade gel water

Another alternative is to make the gel water at home . For that, you just have to prepare a gelatin without flavor but adding more water than usual. Once ready, it is placed inside a tube with a small hole so that the gel comes out through the hole when the plant is dry.

gel water
Irrigation with gel water for plants

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