Study gardening and landscaping in Spain

In many parts of the world, gardening has ceased to be a hobby for housewives and has become a profession. Although there are still many amateur gardeners who learn their knowledge through trial and error, there are also prestigious institutions that increase their enrollment year after year due to the growing demand.

If one or the other option is better? I believe that there is no single answer because it depends a bit on the final objective and personal interests, on the way in which we want to work with plants and if we want to make them a way of life or if it is about enjoying their beauty without higher demands.

But since it never hurts to study to learn more about your needs, today I dedicate myself to offering information for those who want to study gardening and landscaping.


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The options

The first thing is to know that before starting a technical degree or a degree, it is possible to take hundreds of gardening courses taught by many institutions dedicated to the activity, from gardening schools that depend on botanical gardens to institutes or classes taught by specialists in The matter. If the idea is to learn about plants in order to enjoy gardening, I think this can be a very viable option because the courses offer a multifaceted approach and this is how you can start with some basic gardening then continue with the garden, succulent plants, pests and others. Each course works independently, although you will need basic knowledge to be able to take advantage of what certain courses offer. Typically, these courses are organized into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.


When it comes to landscaping careers , there is a range of options. A very complete one is the one in which you graduate as a Garden and Florist Technician , a mid-level degree that will allow you to defend yourself and develop the profession without any problems, since fundamental subjects are addressed to understand the nature of plants. Among the subjects are the principles of plant health, agronomic fundamentals, phytosanitary control, agricultural facilities, plants in nursery or implantation, maintenance and improvement of gardens

Finally, there are the Masters in gardening that are taught at different universities, such as the Polytechnic of Valencia, the University of Granada and the Polytechnic of Catalonia.


When in addition to knowing about plants, the objective is to learn to design , the best option is the title of landscape designer . In Spain there are two options at hand, the first is the Title in landscaping and rural environment , a continuation of the title of Technician in gardens and floristry and in which a complete panorama of garden design and the conservation of the themselves, crop management and agricultural topography. However, to obtain a more global and comprehensive education, the Bachelor’s Degree in Landscaping also offers information on the history of art and culture, botany, environmental sustainability, public policy and information technology, among others.

This career is taught only at the Camilo José Cela University in Madrid.

Study gardening and landscaping in Spain

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