Sulphur, fungicide and ecological repellent

There are different natural products that you can use to improve the conditions of your garden. One of them is sodium bicarbonate, which has great neutralizing power when it comes to fighting pests.

There is also sulfur , another recommended product if it is about keeping possible enemies away in an ecological way

ecological insecticide

Sulfur has two basic functions, on the one hand it is an effective insect repellent but it is also a great fungicide that prevents fungi from settling on plants or when they are already on them, it is responsible for eradicating them.

SulfurAlthough its virtues are known, it must be taken into account that sulfur is a powerful product that can affect the most sensitive plants and that is why it is best to carry out a test before using it . There are crops such as potatoes, tomatoes, asparagus, peppers, radishes or Italian squash that are not affected by the presence of sulfur, but in the rest of the crops it is best to carry out the test beforehand. If it begins to wilt then you have to wash the plant to remove the product.

How to use sulfur in plants

If you want to keep away insects such as mites or flies, you just have to sprinkle the sulfur on the leaves , covering them very well and repeating the routine once a week.

The same happens in the case of detecting fungi, always taking care to sprinkle the sulfur powder on all the leaves and on both sides.

The amount of sulfur will depend on the size of the plant since the idea is that all the leaves are well covered.

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Sulphur, fungicide and ecological repellent

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