Tips for making a bonsai at home

There is an idea that circulates and it is difficult to have a bonsai at home : that they are difficult to care for, that they take years to grow, that you have to be an expert in the field to achieve a good development of the plant.

It is true that to have a bonsai you have to know something about the plant but it is no more than what happens with any other species. As always happens, there are easier plants and more difficult ones and that is why you have to know the tricks of each species in order to accompany their development.

The importance of the species

If you want to have a bonsai at home , you can do it, although the first thing is to take into account the species that best adapts to the climate of the place where you live. Also, try to choose those plants that do not require too specific care. If you want to play it safe, you can try juniper or maple. Juniper is also an option to make a bonsai and there are also some varieties of ficus that adapt without problems.


To consider

To make a bonsai you always have to have a large pot with a wide mouth, although not very deep, as this format will help the roots to expand too much, which influences the growth of the bonsai. If you want a small plant, then you should do as the Japanese did with the geishas, ​​who forced them to wear small shoes so as not to allow their feet to grow during childhood.


As for the land, choose a substrate for bonsai and thus you will ensure a well-drained and loose soil. Before planting the bonsai, remember that you have to clean the roots very well in order to remove any traces of soil. For the first watering, submerge the pot in water and leave it for a period of time so that the plant absorbs what it needs.

Pruning is essential in the case of bonsai . It is a craftsman’s job that requires a certain regularity because the branches will have to be pruned as they grow and spread too much.

Tips for making a bonsai at home

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