Ecological insecticides to combat pests and diseases

Aphids , whiteflies and spider mites are frequent pests that attack plants and garden crops, silent enemies that can be detected when it is already too late.

Fungi and bacteria also affect plants and lead to the appearance of severe diseases, which can lead to death. Preventing pests and diseases is an essential task for those who care for the garden, checking each pot and each meter of the garden in order to ward off threats. It is also important to prevent by applying insecticides for plants that will prevent the appearance of pests and diseases or will solve the attack.

the green option

Ecological insecticides become the most natural alternative for pests and diseases as they are prepared that use natural products that do not contain chemicals and thus collaborate with the harmony of nature .

There are as many formulas as there are products and among them sodium bicarbonate, soap or horsetail stand out . In addition, there are plants that work as pest control such as nettle, wormwood, garlic, parsley, chives or tomato.

Plant pests

For ants, you can prepare a mixture of tansy with water and apply after filtering. If the problem is aphids and mites , wormwood is very effective when mixed with water and sprayed on the plant.

Potash soap is effective in combating cochineal, red spider mites and diseases such as powdery mildew, botrytis mildew and alternaria, while garlic is effective when macerated in water and filtered to put an end to bacterial diseases as well as mites and aphids.

Sulfur and bicarbonate of soda

Very cheap and effective, baking soda is a great fungicide . If you mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with vegetable oil and natural soap in 4 liters of water, the plants will be protected from fungi.

Another alternative is sulfur , a product that combined with water is an antidote to
powdery mildew disease .

The spectrum of organic insecticides is wide and there are different options according to the problem. The good thing is that none contain chemicals and thus prevent plants from coming into contact with artificial substances. Also, you will spend less money on them.

Sodium bicarbonate
Ecological insecticides to combat pests and diseases

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