How to plant lavender

Hello! How are you? This time I am going to tell you how to plant lavender , an aromatic plant par excellence that has captivated many of us for its pleasant perfume and extraordinary beauty, as well as for its rusticity and low cost. And it has it all!

It is without a doubt the ideal candidate to define paths or be in a pot, wherever you like.

lavender flowers

Lavender is a bushy herbaceous plant that can grow up to 70-80 meters tall, but does not usually exceed 50 centimeters , especially when low, compact plants are sought. It is native to the Mediterranean region, a circumstance that makes its resistance to drought remarkable. That is why it can be used to have in xerigardens , that is, in low-maintenance gardens.

But as I said before, it can also grow -and very comfortably by the way- in a pot , either made of clay or plastic, and even in planters together with other lavenders to form a beautiful lilac-colored landscape in reduced size during the summer. spring. Whether it is going to be planted in the ground or in a pot, it is important that it be located in full sun, otherwise its growth and development would not be good (it would have longer and limp leaves, and it would be difficult for it to flower properly).

lavender with butterfly

If the plant has a root ball of about four inches, the pot or planting hole will need to be about two to three centimeters deeper , with a minimum diameter of about 2-3cm more than that of the root ball. To plant it, you just have to remove it from the pot being careful not to crumble the root loaf -although if some were to break, nothing would happen-, put it in the new pot or in the garden, and fill it with soil.

As it is a very rustic and adaptable plant, any substrate can be used . In the event that it is going to be planted in the ground, it must be taken into account that it prefers calcareous soils; if yours is acidic, it is more recommended that you keep it in a pot, and add calcium from time to time. Even so, if you are very excited to have it in the garden, make a bigger hole and mix the soil you have with the aforementioned mineral, and once every 15 days fertilize it with a fertilizer that has a high dose of calcium.

And since we are in spring, the flowering season of this beautiful plant, what better way to end than with a revealed secret: did you know that it is said that if you plant lavender it will give you good luck? We don’t know if it’s true or not, but of course, it’s lucky to be able to admire it and enjoy its aroma , right?

How to plant lavender

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