Most common mistakes in bonsai cultivation

Since we are in the middle of working on our own tree project , I am going to give you some tips so that you can avoid the most common mistakes in growing bonsai . These problems can delay us even more, since usually when we do something that we shouldn’t, it is recommended to wait for the next season to continue working on it.

If you don’t want to wait that long, let’s see what the most common mistakes are.

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Our bonsai, like any other plant , is very sensitive to both excess and lack of irrigation . Without a doubt, it is more frequent that we lose it due to excessive humidity in the substrate, but it can also have a very bad time if during our absence we do not prepare an adequate drip irrigation system. Likewise, we must also use a porous substrate to prevent the water from being puddled.


Bonsai are miniature trees, but trees nonetheless. As such, they must be placed – whenever the weather conditions allow it – outside so that they can feel the different climatic variations of the seasons. Its cultivation indoors is only recommended if we have a tropical species and we live in an area where the winter is cold; In this case, they must be protected from inclement weather during those months when the temperature is low (below 10 degrees).


As a general rule , they should be transplanted every two years , so that the root system can occupy all the space and giving the tree time to grow as much as possible. A transplant too often can weaken it.


It is common to pay too much thinking that this way it will grow faster, but it is not like that. In fact, what can happen is that the roots are very weakened and cannot fulfill their function. The same thing happens when the tree is sick, which is why it should not be fertilized. We will only fertilize those bonsai that are completely healthy, and always following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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The cultivation of bonsai is not easy, but with patience and respecting the cycles of the tree you will be able to make a work of art .

Most common mistakes in bonsai cultivation

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