Plants that attract insects that keep pests away

Although nobody likes having wasps at home, these creatures help certain plant enemies to get away from them. They are not the only ones because there are many insects that have beneficial effects and that is why it is good that they are close to our plants, flowers and vegetables.

Those who defend ecology seek natural solutions to prevent the lurking of certain pests and diseases . One of the alternatives is to have certain plants that attract good insects to fight pests.

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Calendula is one of these plants, a species that you can have in your home as they attract pollinating insects and wasps, which in turn are responsible for eliminating aphids.

Another plant to take into account is rosemary , as it is a plant that attracts some insects that become plant allies, such as parasitic wasps or hoverflies. This happens because they feed on nectar and pollen.

If you have a garden with caterpillars, it is best to have a fennel plant as it attracts wasps which in turn hunt caterpillars. In the case of aphids, you can take advantage of and cultivate the yarrow as it is a plant that arouses the interest of hoverflies, predatory insects of the aphid.


More options

Many of the plants that attract beneficial insects are distinguished by their strong scents or sweet flowers

. This is the case of basil , which, in addition to giving off a penetrating but very pleasant smell, is ideal in these cases as it attracts predatory bugs.

Nasturtium not only has the same function but also repels insect pests. If you want to grow tomato, don’t forget to have a borage plant nearby as it keeps the caterpillar away from the tomato.

Plants that attract insects that keep pests away

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