Bonsai care throughout the year

Bonsai are miniature trees that live in very shallow trays. This fact makes them very special plants in terms of cultivation and maintenance, since you have to be aware of their growth and perform the tasks they need at the right time.

But there’s nothing like having an at-a-glance manual to know when things are done, right? Today I will tell you about bonsai care… in all seasons of the year .



The care you need in spring are:

  • We will water more often , since the temperature begins to rise and the substrate dries faster and faster.
  • Towards the beginning of this season, it can be transplanted .
  • We will begin to fertilize , preferably with a slow release fertilizer or with organic fertilizers. Failing that, we can use a specific fertilizer for bonsai. Important: if you have transplanted, it is better that you leave a minimum of 15 days until you pay.
  • At this time it is time to prevent pests and diseases. It is highly recommended that we spray the entire tree with Neem oil from time to time .
  • It can also be wired , only if necessary.


The care you need in summer are:

  • Irrigation very often.
  • We continue with the preventive treatment with Neem oil.
  • Protect delicate trees from intense sun (for example, Japanese maples in the Mediterranean climate should be placed in partial shade).
  • Pinching can be done to maintain the bonsai style.


The care you need in autumn are:

  • We will be spacing more and more the risks .
  • It is time to protect tropical bonsai from possible frost.
  • We will stop paying, and doing preventive treatment against pests and diseases.
  • We will be looking at the wires from time to time, to avoid that they are not marked on the branches. If you see that it is starting to be too tight, remove the wire .


The care you need in winter are:

  • Control the risks.
  • Protect from frost in the event that they are tropical bonsai.
  • Towards the end of this season, it will be the ideal time to transplant or do formation pruning .
Bonsai care throughout the year

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