DIY ideas: original flower pots made with recycled objects

These days, I’m spending a few days at my sister’s house who is on vacation. She has a beautiful garden with a pool and plants growing in every corner. I am convinced that plants have an emotional register and, in the case of my sister, she believed that she inherited a certain sensitivity from my maternal grandmother, who did wonders with any small sprout. The plants were reborn in her small patio and something similar happens with my sister, who collects plants from the street and, like my grandmother, she knows how to revive them until they become beautiful and radiant.

I have observed your garden these days and discovered that you also have good taste with pots. My sister is a creative person, designer and painter, and so she chooses everyday objects in disuse and adapts them to plants , transforming them into original flowerpots that vary in shape and size.

The kitchen, hotbed of ideas

You can try it too, I’ll do it at my house when I get back. I have seen that a small cactus grows with enthusiasm in an old metal cup, one of those that my grandmother used to prepare milk for us when we were little and we went to visit them. She has also managed to introduce soil into metal jars and kettles where she then placed slow-growing plants.

If you investigate, the ideas appear and the best thing is that they are at your fingertips. It is not necessary to have money to buy new pots but you can create a very special atmosphere in your garden or balcony with what you have in your home and do not use.

Take a good look around you and choose striking objects that vary in color . You can use disused strainers and paint them with metal paint to create an attractive corner in which to place flowering plants. The strainer holes are the perfect drainage for these unique planters.

Original DIY pots

You can also use crockery cups and plates because you only have to make a small hole with an electric drill – so as not to break the crockery – and thus obtain drainage and then place a plant.

The old cans are sensational in the garden or at least that’s what I think… maybe because I’m a lover of them. In the markets they sell them at very low prices and so you can put together several cans of cookies, sweets or chocolates from the 40s or 50s to group plants of the same style or others that contrast.

New ideas

Did you like these ideas? Later I will continue telling you about options to create original pots with obsolete objects . It is a great way to get into the famous DIY without spending money and taking those first steps on the path of creativity.

Dare to do it, look around you and find those beautiful objects that just adapted are perfect to highlight your plants. Today we dedicate ourselves to inspecting the kitchen but there are many other corners of the house in which we must also pay attention. We’ll do it!

Original DIY pots
DIY ideas: original flower pots made with recycled objects

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