Original ideas to create a fairy garden with broken pots

Never let those broken pots that have plants end their useful life here. You can give a new life to your pot! All you need is a broken pot, your imagination, the plants, and maybe a few broken pot pieces to create an amazing fairy garden. Some people go even further, incorporating miniature houses, glass mushrooms, and colorful bird houses into their fairy garden. If you create one, you never know what kind of gnomes or fairies you may attract to your garden.

Recycling is one of the best trends out there, because after all, if we don’t start reusing what we have, we’re going to run out of resources and landfills full before we know it. Taking old and broken materials and turning them into something new is one of the best ways you can help ease the burden our planet faces. Thanks to some creative DIY geniuses, you can now reuse your broken pots. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the advantages of working with flowers and fairy gardens.

These DIY fairy gardens are perfect for your next free weekend. Take a look at these photos of beautiful fairy gardens for inspiration:Pans

Sue Matyszak

Look at the stairs in this fairy garden, how does it look like the pieces of a game of Jenga? Even if you think it isn’t, the idea opens up the possibility that you can make almost anything for your garden . Speaking of games, maybe you have some whose pieces were lost making it impossible to play with them again, in this case, the game pieces can be integrated into the fairy garden.Pans

rebecca snyder

In this photo you will see the step by step of how to turn a broken pot into a very original pot , including small steps.Pans

Daily Colors

Fairies and butterflies will visit this redesigned planter by perching on its foliage.Pans

Susie Morgan Wilburn

Once this was a broken pot. Now however the bright colors give it a new life.


Genevieve Gail

This is where the gnome makes his life! He keeps a guest house for all of his fairy friends. Growing succulents is a great idea as they don’t require tons of water and tend to be low maintenance.


H.M. Decor

Look closely inside the pot to see where the sheep roam .Pans


This person must have a lot of broken pots lying around! If you are tired of waiting for one of your pots to break, you can also use a special tool such as a wheel grinder to cut the pots. Some people just drop them on the floor, but that’s not always a great idea. You can also go visit a nearby junkyard to find what you need to make a fairy garden of your own.


The fairy garden can never be the top of the range in Halloween decoration products since you have to maintain it throughout the year. But this bridge fairy house is incredibly adorable no matter the season.Pans


Layers of broken pieces inside the planter offer a preview of the beautiful secret garden that lies within.


Knock knock, is there a gnome in the house?


Fairy gardens tend to attract all manner of winged locals.


Mixing plants is a great way to add contrast and history to your fairy garden, but make sure all the plants you choose go together. In other words, all plants must require the same amount of fertilizer, water and sun . Otherwise, some plants will thrive and others will wilt quickly.Pans

Kelli Vos

You can plant whatever you want, but as the flowers grow they add a unique touch to the fairy garden.Pans

Sarah Wyne

Original ideas to create a fairy garden with broken pots

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