Original pots with recycled objects

Today it is customary to recycle the old, make it new and shiny, take advantage of everything that is ready to be thrown in the trash to recover it and avoid more waste. We know that plastic bottles are widely used in gardening because just by cutting them in half it is possible to have a simple pot, however it is not the only object that you can use.

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Look around you and discover everything that is beautiful and you no longer use. The easiest thing is to start with glass containers and old cups and vases , those inherited from grandma that look great with rose bushes and pansies.

If you find those old bowls you can take advantage of them to put some soil and plant small plants or cacti. Remember that you always have to make a hole in the base so that there is a hole through which the water drains.

If you want to up the ante, consider coffee bags . Did you know that with them you can create resistant pots ? Choose the ones that are made of strong plastic and fill them with soil to grow indoor plants. The aromatic ones are perfect in these cases because they do not grow too much.

recycled pots

Today it is very fashionable to have vintage pots so you can make them yourself if you take advantage of empty cans . You just have to paint them and place the plants that you like the most. There are those who claim that toilet paper rolls also work well to house small plants, although I have not tried them and I do not know how much they can resist the presence of water without ruining themselves.

And if you consume milk cartons , you can open them in half and arrange them in a row in order to have an urban garden where you can grow vegetables and aromatics neatly.


If we talk about the exterior, the ideal is to choose those objects that, in addition to not deteriorating over time, have a generous surface and allow plants to spread without difficulty.

Disused wheelbarrows are very interesting, as are glass fishbowls and metal watering cans .

recycled pots
Original pots with recycled objects

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